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The Wolfson College Interdisciplinary Research Hub on Sustainability & Conservation is experimenting with convening interested individuals and organisations to inform, educate, and explore disruptive solutions to the destruction of the natural world.

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Destruction of the natural world is the international problem of our times and a truly interdisciplinary challenge. As the threat of ecological collapse effects us all, our work draws from Wolfson’s international network, membership and friends to help trigger the deep changes needed to wider global systems. We accomplish this through an interdisciplinary focus, multi-generational collaboration and systems thinking to build a resilient community, increasingly regenerative action and accessible knowledge.

As part of our community you will have access to events, projects and mentoring opportunities to acquire knowledge, to act and collaborate with people from diverse backgrounds and disciplines, including returning professionals, new students from over 95+ nations, world-leading researchers, and engaged individuals like yourself. Utilising our maturity of experience and global reach, we seek to train the future decision makers and thought leaders across disciplines and industries to feel appropriately equipped to speak up for the betterment of the natural world and global society. If this is you, join here.

Page updated: Fri 3 March 2023

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Theory of Change (what we do and how)

In our Theory of Change (ToC), we use the metaphor of a tree and the language of ‘branches’ to describe sets of activities that share a characteristic. No one branch is ‘above’ the other, and by nourishing you, people, the roots, we nurture the whole tree, and so the branches grow... Community, Action, and Knowledge. Devised by all who participate with us, our ToC is ever developing and under constant revision… and so it grows…