A woman standing and reading a book in front of a bookshelf.

Quiet Period

The Quiet Period will take place this year from Wednesday 17 April until Friday 14 June.

A woman standing and reading a book in front of a bookshelf.

What is Quiet Period?

Quiet Period is designed to ensure the College environment is reimagined as a study space. We have several noise, environmental and social allowances and restrictions to help make the campus as study friendly as possible.


Restrictions and Allowances

Noise restrictions
  • No amplified music to be played in any public room or outside space (without exception) over the Quiet Period.
  • Gardening work deemed as noisy will be planned for no earlier than 9am.
Noise Allowances
  • Please note that there are unavoidable building works ongoing on campus this academic year.
  • The Club Room can play music at a reasonable ‘background music’ level. 
  • The weekly brass band practice in the Lee Hall is allowable.
  • Amplified music or entertainment is not permitted in any public room or outside space during the Quiet Period, except for BOPs and the Howler.
  • The library clock will not be silenced as it is a useful study marker and traditional anchor of college life for so many students.
Gathering restrictions
  • No Garden parties without permission from both the Deputy Senior Tutor and Domestic Bursar.
  • Barbeques restricted to 10 people at any time.
Gathering Allowances
  • Some low-key Friday and Saturday evening events may still be offered by the College. A curfew of 9pm is planned for any event held.
  • The College's cultural and intellectual life will continue during Quiet Period with a full schedule of lectures, exhibitions and Formal Halls.

Support for Students

Library support 

During this time the library offer:

  • Tea, coffee and biscuits every Wednesday in the Library foyer from 24 April to 12 June at 15.30. 
  • Book display on revision techniques, exams and finishing a dissertation in April.
  • Wellbeing resources such as mindful colouring, desk-yoga sheets, Mindful May (Action for Happiness) calendars and a new book display will be available throughout May.
  • Exam and revision tips LibGuide.
  • Jigsaw borrowing.
Wellbeing Support
  • We will have a number of wellbeing activities throughout Easter Term which aim to encourage you to take regular breaks from your studies and engage in self-care.
  • Please reach out to your Tutor if you have any issues or care needs.
  • You are also welcome to engage with our Student Support Advisor where needed. 

What's on

A dark brown vase with orange symbol on in front of a blurred background of more pottery on shelves.

Art Exhibition: Ceramics in the Bernard Leach Tradition

18/05/2024 at 10.00

A display of works from the Bradshaw-Bubier studio pottery collection.

Student musician playing piano.

Lunchtime Concert: Student Musicians

18/05/2024 at 13.30

Wolfson College Music Society invites you to a concert given by some of our talented student performers.

Cover of "Red Rag" magazine featuring a stylized red and black illustration of a woman with flowing hair, alongside text and a headline about women’s liberation.

Varieties of Togetherness: Some Approaches to Feminist Art History

21/05/2024 at 17.30

How might methods of feminist political organising offer transformative methods for art history? 

Two sets of hands making a pot on a pottery wheel

Show me your bowl and I’ll tell you who you are

28/05/2024 at 17.30

How can material culture be used to reconstruct ancient human stories?

Abstract marble sculpture with interconnected shapes and voids, displayed on a black pedestal against a draped white background.

Sculpture unveiling: Essay on Reticulations

28/05/2024 at 18.30

Join us for the unveiling of Essay on Reticulations, a new sculptural work at Wolfson College.