Wolfson College Graduation Sat 29 April

Wolfson Connect

Join our exclusive online networking platform, Wolfson Connect, and engage with alumni and members around the world.

Wolfson College Graduation Sat 29 April

What is Wolfson Connect?

Wolfson Connect is our private and exclusive network for alumni offering the opportunity to find former classmates, build a personal and professional network around the world, access mentors globally and access a bank of resources to develop as professionals.

Head over to Wolfson Connect to create your profile. If you have a LinkedIn profile, you can link this account to pre-fill your Wolfson Connect profile. In the resources section you will find videos and tips to help you use Wolfson Connect, make the most of the mentoring programme, and develop your career.

Finding alumni

Wolfson Connect has a directory of other users where you can search by name, industry, matriculation date and even by location. This means you can search for other alumni easily, either in your local area or you can find users with similar interests to you. You can send messages via the service, and even make or schedule video calls.

Promoting events

Access or promote exclusive events on Wolfson Connect - This is the place to find industry-specific or international events hosted by our global alumni community. Please get in touch with the Alumni Relations Manager to post your event on the site.

Mentoring programme

We are currently developing a mentoring programme. Through this programme, both mentors and mentees will learn:

  1. How to motivate and lead others
  2. How to communicate effectively
  3. How to be an active listener
  4. How to set realistic and actionable career goals
  5. How to give and receive feedback and advice

Anyone can be a mentor. There is no need to obtain any formal qualifications in order to participate. All that is expected of mentors is to:

  • Be contactable and able to respond in a reasonable timeframe
  • Be available for consultation and advice when sought by their mentee
  • Have at least three sessions with their mentees

The first step in becoming part of this unique programme is joining Wolfson Connect. When setting up a profile, it will ask you what you would like to get from the site, whether that be offering services as a mentor, or being a mentee.

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