Interdisciplinary Research Hubs

Interdisciplinary Research Hubs

Our research hubs bring together Fellows, students and other partners to investigate pressing problems in the world today.

Interdisciplinary Research Hubs

Launched in July 2020, Wolfson College's interdisciplinary research hubs are the catalyst to bring together our international Fellows, students, and other partners from differing disciplines to better progress the pressing problems in our world today.

Global Challenges require multidisciplinary solutions, the coming together of creative people with different skills and perspectives. Wolfson is a community of just such creative people - scholars from many academic disciplines, with curiosity about the world around them and the determination to change it for the better.

Wolfson is exceptionally multinational. It has a Visiting Researcher program and hosts many part-time students who bring professional experience from the worlds of industry, education, policy, government, and commerce. We lack the traditional hierarchical barriers between Fellows and students – between education and research.

The College is developing interdisciplinary research hubs in areas where Fellows, students and alumni have particular interest and expertise. These hubs will be the catalyst to engage their large global networks of collaborators and other partners from different disciplines.

We are providing an environment (both physical and intellectual) where challenging problems are discussed, where dialogue is encouraged, and where novel solutions are envisaged and developed.

Our hubs


  • Events, dinners, talks, lectures, socials
  • Research conferences and Summer School
  • Fellowship and Studentship Funding Awards
  • Academic visitors’ programs
  • Living Lab
  • Volunteering and Mentoring

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