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Come and study with unrivalled academic support and pastoral care, living onsite as a member of an international, egalitarian and inclusive community of scholars from Cambridge and across the world.

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    Onsite Accommodation

    With 450 comfortable rooms and flats onsite, we are the only Cambridge College to offer both undergraduates and PhD students three full years of onsite accommodation. Our peaceful location west of the city centre means you are away from the crowds yet close to many University departments, the Library and the Sidgwick and West Cambridge sites.

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    The Lee Library

    The Lee Seng Tee Library is open 24/7 and our librarians do much more than loan out books. They offer exceptional academic skills support to students at all stages of their studies and research. Our dedicated Information Skills Librarian is available on a one-to-one basis to discuss tools and techniques that will change how you discover, manage, evaluate, create and present information.

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    The Community

    Wolfson is a lively and welcoming place to live, with an engaged student community and a wide-ranging programme of events from live concerts to academic lectures to weekly welfare tea – with cake. Our Porters are the friendliest in Cambridge and our Howler comedy nights are legendary. We host visiting academics from all over the world and – with no High Table and social spaces shared by all – you will be stimulated culturally, socially and intellectually.

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    Teaching & Learning

    We are the College of choice for world-class postgraduates, mature undergraduates and returning learners. We offer excellence in teaching and support through a cohort of outstanding supervisors and Directors of Studies who allow every member of College to realise their full potential. Our active and engaged Fellowship underpins and enhances the College experience, providing mentorship and guidance both academically and professionally.

Our diversity helps foster new perspectives and new insights in every field of scholarship.

What's on

Humanities Society - Profitable Labour? Learning Disability & Labour Markets in Modern Britain

20/11/2018 at 17.45

In 1913, British policymakers brought into being an infrastructure of ‘care’ and confinement aimed at those they termed ‘mentally deficient’. The language changed across the later twentieth century, but historians have still associated what might now be termed cognitive or learning disability with stigma and segregation. Their focus has been the institutions of ‘care’ – asylums, colonies, special schools – which medicalised and disenfranchised the ‘cared for’.

Skills for Academic Success: A Fast Introduction to Probability II

22/11/2018 at 18.00
Person taking notes on probability

This class is intended to review some basic definitions and results in Probability, which can be useful to understand some applications of Probability in social sciences, engineering and physics, such as statistics or random process (e.g. Brownian motions) among others. The aim of the course is to give a fast account of the elementary mathematical theory of probability for a general audience, on the basis of the book "Probability, An Introduction", by G Gimmett and D Welsh. If time allows we could discuss some relevant examples and exercises. The class is divided into two parts:

From nuclear transfer to prospects for cell replacement therapy: The origins and future of pluripotency and cellular reprogramming

23/11/2018 at 17.45
Professor Sir John Gurdon

The different cell types that compose our bodies are remarkably stable. Hardly ever do we find skin cells in the brain or liver cells in the heart. In those very special cases where some regeneration can take place in vertebrates, there is little if any evidence for a switch in cell-type. Nevertheless, nuclear transfer, cell fusion, and induced pluripotency can result in pluripotent embryo cells being derived from specialized adult cells.

Michaelmas Term Concert: Hail Bright Cecilia!

25/11/2018 at 13.30
Choir in festive garb for concert

Works include PurcellOde on St Cecilia’s Day, 1692

Britten Hymn to St Cecilia 

Wolfson College Choir & Soloists

Conductor Lyn Alcántara

Admission Free with a retiring collection. No need to book.

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We aim to offer every member of our international community of scholars the opportunity to fulfil their potential and transform society for the good of all.