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Come and study with unrivalled academic support and pastoral care, living onsite as a member of an international, egalitarian and inclusive community of scholars from Cambridge and across the world.

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    Our Community

    Wolfson is a lively and welcoming place, with an engaged student community and a wide-ranging programme of events from live concerts to academic lectures to weekly welfare tea. Our Porters are the friendliest in Cambridge and our Howler comedy nights are legendary. We host visiting academics from all over the world and – with no high table and social spaces shared by all – you will be stimulated culturally, socially and intellectually.

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    Teaching and Learning

    We are the College of choice for world-class postgraduates, mature undergraduates and returning learners. We offer excellence in teaching and support through a cohort of outstanding supervisors and Directors of Studies who allow every member of College to realise their full potential. Our active and engaged Fellowship underpins and enhances the College experience, providing mentorship and guidance both academically and professionally.

  • COVID-19

    Latest Update

    The College continues to follow the advice of the University and public health authorities for COVID-19. The health and wellbeing of our students, staff and community are our first priorities. Latest guidance is available on our COVID-19 pages

  • Wolfson Explores

    Wolfson Explores

    Wolfson Explores is our annual events programme, which aims to tackle the big issues and stimulate rich, productive interdisciplinary dialogue. Our theme for 2022 is: Wolfson Explores ✱GROWTH. Look out for talks, debates, exhibitions, music, performances, and more, across a wide range of fields, from the arts to the sciences, from the theoretical to the practical, from macroscopic to microscopic.

Our diversity helps foster new perspectives and new insights in every field of scholarship.

What's on

Wolfson PhD Elias Garcia-Pelegrin

Science Society: Using sleight of hand to investigate human action perception in diverse species and taxa

13/05/2022 at 17.45

Ever wondered how non-human animals perceive human actions? Or how they might respond to purposefully deceptive actions, such as slight-of-hand movements used in magic tricks? Wolfson PhD Elias Garcia-Pelegrin explores deception and cognition in crows and chimps to find out more.

CueMe ensemble members

Music Society: Cambridge University Experimental Music Ensemble (CueMe)

14/05/2022 at 13.30

Join us on Sat 14 May (13:30-14:30) for the inaugural performance of the Cambridge University Experimental Music Ensemble (CueMe).

Kill or Cure poster

New exhibition: 'Kill or Cure'

15/05/2022 at 09.00

Lethal or life-giving? Opening Sunday 15 May, Wolfson's exciting new art exhibition explores the potential within elements of the natural world to ‘Kill’ and/or ‘Cure’, depending on applications, dose and usage.

candles with cross

Wolfson Termly Christian Service

17/05/2022 at 18.15

Take some quiet time out at the end of a busy day and share in this act of College worship.

Wolfson College

May Bumps Marquee

17/06/2022 at 12.00

Our first May Bumps Marquee event since 2019!

Join us in the 25th anniversary year of the WCBC Friends for a fun day by the river for alumni, friends, and family.

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We aim to offer every member of our international community of scholars the opportunity to fulfil their potential and transform society for the good of all.