Flying the flag


College is managed by our Fellowship & Council

The Governing Body comprises all the Fellows of the College and has power to amend the Statutes, subject to the approval of the University and the Privy Council, and to make Ordinances.

Flying the flag

Governance of Wolfson College

Governing Body

The Governing Body of Wolfson College consists of its Fellows, and three student representatives, elected by the Wolfson College Student Association, with the President in the Chair. Two Emeritus Fellows, two Senior Members, two members of staff and one College Research Associate attend as observers at the invitation of the President.


Governing Body meets five times a year, on Wednesdays at 18.00 in the Lee Hall: 2019-2020: 9 October, 13 November 2019; 12 February, 13 May and 8 July 2020.

Governing Body papers are available online for Governing Body members and Emeritus Fellows only; Raven access is required.

College Council

The College Council is responsible for the financial affairs of the College, for the care and management of its property, and for other matters assigned to it by the Governing Body. It comprises five ex-officio Officers, ten Fellows elected by the Governing Body from among its members, and three students, elected by the Wolfson College Student Association.

Council meets eight times per year, in practice generally on the fourth Monday of the month. The meetings take place in the Combination Room, with dinner afterwards in the Council Room. Meetings are minuted by the College Secretary.

Members 2019-20

Ex-officio: President (Professor Jane Clarke FMedSci FRS), Vice-President (Graham Allen), Bursar (Joanna Cheffins), Senior Tutor (Susan Larsen), Development Director (Sian Cook)

Ten elected Fellows:  Ian Cross, Anna Dempster, Lesley MacVinish, Guillaume Nataf, Michael O'Sullivan, Lloyd Peck, George Salmond, Martin Vestergaard, Steve Watson, James Wood

Students (to November 2020): WCSA President (Benyamin Remez), WCSA
Vice-President (Kenneth Okwor) and WCSA Junior Treasurer (Daniel

Council Meetings

2019-20: 23 September, 28 October, 25 November 2019; 27 January, 24 February, 27 April, 1 June, 29 June 2020

Unreserved Council papers are available online only for Governing Body members and Emeritus Fellows, Raven access required.

In addition to Governing Body and Council there are a number of other Committees. Scheduled meetings are listed on agendas and minutes, or contact the College Secretary for more information.