Undergraduate Graduation July 2022

Undergraduate Study

Welcome to Wolfson, a unique Cambridge College for 21+ undergraduates who have curiosity, creativity, and a desire to make an impact.

Our undergraduate students come to us from many locations and all walks of life. Some have taken time out from their studies to work, volunteer or travel the world. Others started down academic routes they no longer wish to follow. Some come to us with A-level results, from Access courses or with qualifications from overseas institutions. All have one thing in common: they are driven by a restless curiousity and a desire for academic excellence.

Why should you choose to live and study at Wolfson?

Because this will be your home at Cambridge University for three years, and just like in your own home, you'll feel that you belong here. The diverse make-up of our study body, a mix of mature undergraduates and postgraduates, means that differences are celebrated and cultures are shared. The interdisciplinary nature of a Cambridge College means that you'll forge connections and friendships across academic disciplines. And our Fellowship, Tutorial team and other members of our community provide a rich network for mentoring and fostering your academic and professional future.