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Current Students

College life, from food to finance

During your time at Wolfson you will grow academically and personally. Our role is to support you in this growth and to provide a vibrant, challenging and rewarding experience.

Your primary purpose for being at Wolfson is to study in your chosen discipline. During your studies you are laying the groundwork for your future – a future that promises to be brighter because of your time here. All of the support, facilities and activities that we have at College are geared towards helping you realise that potential.

Unlike most other Colleges, at Wolfson you are part of a mixed community. You'll socialise across disciplines, cultures and ages. Our membership includes Emeritus Fellows who have been at Wolfson for many years, visiting and resident researchers working on fascinating topics of study, and a unique mix of mature undergraduates, full- and part-time Master's students and PhD candidates. Our Fellowship is active and engaged, here to inspire and mentor you. You'll find that the staff become part of your everyday life, the Porters who greet you at the Plodge, the housekeepers who do such a good job keeping your rooms clean, and the catering staff you'll see at mealtimes and formal events.

We have an active students' union, a full programme of academic and cultural events, and plenty of societies for sport and other activities. This section of the website is your guide to all that Wolfson has to offer so your time here is the best it can be.