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Postgraduate Study

A dedicated home for postgraduates since 1965

Wolfson is a natural home for postgraduate students at Cambridge. Founded by the University as a postgraduate College, we are a thriving community of scholars, two-thirds of whom are pursuing Master's and PhD degrees.

From our beginnings as University College in 1965 with just six PhD students, we recently celebrated our 50th anniversary as a thriving centre for teaching and learning. Wolfson was the first of the mixed Colleges to admit both women and men as students and Fellows. The first person to earn her PhD at Wolfson was Suzanne Cory from Melbourne, now a respected molecular biologist. Since her graduation in 1970, we have been the academic home to thousands of Master's and PhD students from all over the world, continuing the tradition of inclusivity and internationalism with which we began.

The majority of students at Wolfson College pursue postgraduate degree programmes, and they enjoy the fact that College life reflects the preferences and interests of mature undergraduate and part-time students. We have a stimulating international atmosphere and strong overseas presence, bringing together students, Fellows and academic visitors, including our Press Fellowship. We pride ourselves in particular on meeting the needs of our part-time Master's and our PhD students, offering mentorship and research skills training throughout the duration of your degree.

Why should you choose to live and study at Wolfson? Because this will be your home at Cambridge University from one to three years and, just like in your own home, you'll feel that you belong here. The diverse make-up of our student body and the mix of mature undergraduates and postgraduates means that differences are celebrated and cultures are shared. The interdisciplinary nature of a Cambridge College means that you'll forge connections and friendships across academic disciplines. And our Fellowship and mentoring team and other members of our community provide a rich network for fostering your academic and professional future.

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    We have the most generous and affordable accommodation offer at Cambridge. Our location is in a peaceful neighbourhood within cycling distance of most major University sites. The Sidgwick site (Humanities) and the University Library are within five minutes, and the West Cambridge site (Veterinary Medicine, the Cavendish Laboratory, Chemical Engineering, etc.) is a short cycle ride away. The Cambridge Biomedical Campus, housing the largest concentration of biomedical researchers in Europe, is an easy bus ride away, and the bus which connects the University from southwest to north is a five minute walk from College. Most important, we can usually guarantee full-time PhD students three full years of onsite accommodation–so you can truly be part of the community, close to the academic and pastoral resources to help you succeed.

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    Financial Support

    Our recent 50th Anniversary Campaign raised £7m in cash and pledges. With this assistance, student support from the College increased from £50,000 a year in 2010 to over £750,000 last year. Student funding is a continuing priority and we work with a number of grant-making foundations, corporate partners and alumni to increase support. If you've earned a place at Cambridge University, we want to help you with the means to take it up.

Lara Urban
Lara Urban, puntseq project

Almost every day at Wolfson is different. I often start the day with sports, either rowing or running along the river, then get a strong black coffee and go to work at the EMBL European Bioinformatics Institute. There I spend most of my time on statistical analyses of genomic data for my research projects. In the evenings, I go to the pub with friends or attend events at College, such as talks, formal dinners or sports classes. I am on the Science Society Committee and we organise weekly seminars. Summer months are great as there are barbecues in the Sundial Garden going on all the time, and I can go for swims in the evenings. I am also part of a project called PuntSeq, where we are using a portable DNA toolkit to analyse the microbial life of the River Cam.

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