Student accommodation

There are 410 units of student accommodation at Wolfson College; 390 rooms for single occupation and a mixture of large rooms and flats for couples. There are also five family flats, each accommodating up to two adults and two children.

Postgraduate students are eligible for three years in College accommodation whilst undergraduates are able to live in for the duration of their course. You are not obliged to live in College and some students, especially those already used to living independently, prefer to find private accommodation to suit their needs. Equally, some Postgraduates on longer courses, split their entitlement across the duration of their course so that they can live in Wolfson during their final year to allow them access to the facilities that Wolfson offers.

Initial allocation each year is to continuing eligible students who wish to either remain in Wolfson accommodation or move on to site. Commencing students are then invited to apply as their places become confirmed and allocation takes place continually until all accommodation is full.

For full information regarding Wolfson's accommodation please read the Guide to Accommodation for Students in Wolfson College 2018-19.