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Our hard-working Housekeeping Team is responsible for keeping the College clean and tidy.

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Room cleaning

All residential rooms on the College site are cleaned once a week by members of the housekeeping team, with the exception of the Family Flats. This room cleaning service forms part of the conditions of living on site.

The team will not move anything within your room, they will only clean the carpet and surfaces that they can see. Please be aware that your room will be visited, and consider putting items of a personal nature away.

Communal areas

Communal areas in College such as the Club Room, Laundry block, public toilets and the gym are visited daily. Similarly, communal kitchens and bathrooms within residential blocks and houses are visited once every weekday.

Please note that in the shared kitchens, you are responsible for tidying up after yourself. Dirty dishes left on sides or in the sink will be removed after a couple of days and mouldy/out of date food in fridges will be thrown away.

Please be respectful of your fellow residents and the housekeeping team and leave shared areas in the same state that you find them.


You may approach your regular Housekeeping Assistant about changing your room cleaning times if they occur at a time that is inconvenient for you. They will aim to accommodate your preferences where possible, although this must be within their working schedule.

You can also e-mail for any general queries.