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If it’s dirty, Housekeeping will clean it!

Shiny door plate

The Housekeeping Team is responsible for keeping the College clean and safe. The communal kitchens and bathrooms on the blocks get visited once every weekday and the communal areas such as the Club Room, laundries, public toilets and the gym get visited at least once, often multiple times a day.

There are some general details you may wish to note:

  • The rota for your area can be found posted on a wall, usually somewhere near the communal kitchen
  • All rooms will be cleaned, even those without an en-suite, once a week - this forms part of the conditions of living on site.
  • The team will not move anything, they will only clean the carpet and surfaces that they can see. Please be aware that your room will be visited and consider putting items of a personal nature away.
  • In the kitchens, you are responsible for tidying up after yourself. Dirty dishes left on sides or in the sink will be removed after a couple of days and mouldy/out of date food in 'fridges will be thrown away.

Please feel able to talk to your regular Housekeeping Assistant about any issues you may have. For instance, if you are always in or out at a certain time and want to change the cleaning visit time, they will work with you, within their schedule, to clean at a convenient time.

If you are self-isolating, you must contact Housekeeping on to let them know. It is your responsibility to ensure that they are aware so that they don't enter your room. Please also use this e-mail for any general queries you may have. 


“Housekeeping ain’t no joke.” —Louisa May Alcott