Senior Tutor and tutors

Tutorial Team

Your tutor is your first point of contact for  of college and university life. Tutors support students’ personal, academic and financial welfare. Directors of Study maintain oversight of academic progress.

Senior Tutor and tutors

College Tutors

Tutors are experienced academics with experience of the regulations, avenues of support and educational demands of the university. Your tutor is available to provide consultation and guidance over all personal or financial matters relating to your studies. You are also likely to ask your tutor for references and letters of support during and after times of need while you are studying in Cambridge.

Your tutor also acts as the main liaison between you, the college and the university. Tutor approval or administration is utilised for a range of matters and applications. These include:

  • Changing your subject
  • Examination arrangements
  • Conduct and discipline
  • Travel, Conference, Hardship, Sports and Support Grants

Tutors are also experienced in supporting students who are anxious, stressed or disorganised. They are also knowledgeable about services and professionals available to help you if you are ever in distress or suffering barriers to learning.

Tutors are available in College at regular times; appointments can be made to see them at other times. In an emergency you can reach your Tutor by contacting the Porters’ Lodge at 01223 335900.



Dr Susan Larsen
Tania Davies

Dr Anna Bagnoli

Dr Chris Coleridge

Dr Matt Farr

Dr Kevin Greenbank

Dr Nigel Kettley

Dr Nuri Kim
Dr Ben Laws
Dr Kenny Monrose
Dr Debbie Pullinger
Dr Noel Rutter
Dr Marina Salorio Corbetto

Dr Shadia Taha

Dr Ana Toribio

Dr Chris Town

Dr Jamie Trinidad

Dr Martin Vestergaard

Dr Meg Westbury

Dr Mark Wills

Dr Giles Yeo


Tutorial Office contacts & opening times
Office Hours: 09.00 to 17.00, Mon-Fri.

To contact staff, please send an email in the first instance. 

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Tutorial Office Manager
Rajashree Dhanaraj
Tel: 01223 335905

Tutorial Administrator (Graduations, Matriculations, Part-Time Students)
Helen Waterson
Tel: 01223 335978

Undergraduate Administrator
Tel: 01223 335918

Postgraduate Administrator
Sam Langley
Tel: 01223 335932

David Goode
Tel: 01223 762537

Directors of Studies

Asian and Middle Eastern Studies 

Dr Nuri Kim


Dr Corinne Duhig

Architecture and Mphil in Architecture and Design 

Prof. Claudia Marx

Anglo Saxon, Norse & Celtic 

Dr Elizabeth Ashman Rowe

Chemical Engineering 

Dr Mick Mantle


Dr Philippa Steele

Computer Science 

Dr Chris Town


Dr Nigel Kettley

Engineering Part IA

Dr Noel Rutter

Engineering Parts IB, IIA and IIB

Dr Yashar Ahmadian

Engineering Part IIB Manufacturing 

Dr Frank Tietze


Dr Rachel Holmes


Dr Harriet Allen

History, Part I

Dr Anjali Bhardwaj Datta

History, Part II

Dr Celia Donert

History & Politics  

Dr Celia Donert

History of Art 

Dr Anna Gannon

History & Philosophy of Science 

Dr Matt Farr

Human, Social & Political Sciences

Dr Anna Bagnoli

Land Economy 

Dr  Zhaoyang 'Leo'  Liu


Dr Liron Shmilovits


Dr Jamie Trinidad


Dr Ana Taleska


Dr Bettina  Beinhoff

Management Studies 

Dr Karla Sayegh

Mathematics (MASt)

Prof Imre Leader

Medicine (Standard Course, Pre-Clinical)

Prof Rosemary Fricker

Medicine (Standard Course, Clinical)  

Dr John Firth

Medicine (Graduate Course, Pre-Clinical)

Dr Nicholas Evans

Medicine (Graduate Course, Clinical)  

Dr Thomas Pulimood 

Medicine (Graduate Course, Clinical)  

Dr Jeremy Webb

Modern & Medieval Languages, Part IA, IB and Year Abroad 

Dr Emanuela Davey

Modern & Medieval Languages, Part II

Dr Silke Mentchen


Dr Stephen Wilford

Natural Sciences (Biological) 

Dr Linda King

Natural Sciences (Physical)

Dr Noel Rutter

Physics & Astrophysics (MASt)

Dr Sergei Taraskin

Psychological & Behavioural Sciences 

Dr Catherine O'Brien


Dr Jon Phelan

Theology, Religion & Philosophy of Religion 

Dr Justin Meggitt (on leave 2022/2023)

Dr Alastair Lockhart (Acting DoS, 2022/2023)

Veterinary Medicine (Pre-Clinical)

Ms Laura Frost

Veterinary Medicine (Clinical) 

Professor Alun Williams