A group of friends attend the College garden party


Applications for postgraduate students are made through the Postgraduate Admissions Office, when you will also choose a College – we invite you to select Wolfson as your first choice.

A group of friends attend the College garden party

Postgraduate Admissions

The majority of students at Wolfson College pursue postgraduate degree programmes. Different study options are available including PhD, Certificate of Postgraduate Study, EdD, LLM, MPhil, MRes, MBA, MFin, Postgraduate Diploma and the Master of Advanced Studies (Mathematics, Physics or Astronomy).

  • Full-time study
    Masters 1- or 2-year taught courses, which can either stand alone or serve as preparation for a PhD and
    PhD programmes for research degrees over a 3- to 4-year period of study
  • Part-time study 
    A Cambridge degree studied on a part-time basis

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For the majority of postgraduate courses at the University of Cambridge you apply directly to the Postgraduate Admissions Office. Exceptions are:

Details of courses, qualifications and application procedures are in the University of Cambridge Course Directory where you can also find out how to submit an application. There are several steps involved in the application process; see the Application Timeline for details.

Alternatively, you can contact the Postgraduate Admissions Office at:
Postgraduate Admissions Office
Student Services Centre
Bene't Street, New Museums Site
Cambridge, UK
CB2 3PT or by email.

Choosing a College

All students of Cambridge University are required to become members of a College. You may choose up to two Colleges to consider your application. If you wish to join the Wolfson community, select Wolfson as your first choice. 

The Postgraduate Admissions Office sends your application in the first instance to the relevant Department. If you are offered a place, the Postgraduate Admissions Office then forwards your application to the College you have selected, who will let you know if they will make you an offer of membership.

All offers of a College place are conditional until the Postgraduate Admissions Office is satisfied that you have met all the financial and academic conditions set for your entry as a postgraduate student.

Further help and information on studying as a postgraduate can be found on the University of Cambridge Graduate Union pages.