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Fees & Funding

We want everybody who has earned a place at Wolfson College to be given the financial assistance they need.

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Funding your Studies

We aim to support postgraduate students who are coming to Wolfson College. Generous donations and careful management of our endowment has enabled us to provide nearly £800,000 of financial support to students in 2017-2018.

The Student Funding search collates all College funding opportunities across the University and will inform you of your eligibility:


All Master's and PhD students must pay a composition fee to the College and the University; these fees are listed on the University Composition Fee table. Students must also pay for their maintenance whilst at College. Fortunately we usually offer affordable accommodation to PhD students up to a term of three years. Through the graduate admissions website you can calculate your minimum annual financial commitment.

For all enquiries relating to fees, please contact Katerina Gargaroni in the College Office.

Financial Assistance

Wolfson has a dedicated Student Finance Officer, Liz Bland, on the staff, who is able to provide advice on financial matters such as source of funding, grant applications, etc. (but not fees) throughout your time at Wolfson. Liz works on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, and can be contacted by email.

There are different kinds of student support:

  • Studentships to cover the costs of fees and maintenance for new students
  • Hardship funds to assist students with unexpected financial difficulties
  • Grants to support students who travel to complete a research or subject-related activity
  • Awards to enable students to compete in sporting activities
  • Prizes that reward academic excellence