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Scholarships & Awards

We strive for excellence in research. At Wolfson we are proud to support the ground-breaking ideas of our postgraduate students with a wide range of competitive scholarships and grants.

Wolfson Research event

Wolfson Awards for Postgraduates

Generous donations from alumni and friends of the College support a wide range of awards to help fund your studies at Wolfson.

Only those students who have been accepted by the University and then offered College membership at Wolfson are eligible for any of the scholarships offered through Wolfson College.  In order to ensure that your application for a University postgraduate place is directed to Wolfson College, you should list Wolfson as your first or second choice. Once you have been accepted by the University and offered a place in 2022-2, you can apply for Wolfson Scholarships.

The allocation of funds is made by the Wolfson Student Scholarship Committee, and individual scholarship amounts may vary from year to year as current holders graduate. Postgraduate scholarships are awarded on the basis of academic merit. Some awards are renewable, subject to satisfactory academic progress.

Some funding is available to students studying any subject, and some is restricted to particular subjects.

Various disciplines

Wolfson Scholarship: up to £7,500 available per year to support postgraduate study.

Roger Needham Scholarship: up to £9,000 per year. Awarded on academic merit. Open to postgraduates in Computer Science, Mathematics, Engineering, & Philosophy. Not available until 2023-24.

Burke’s Peerage Foundation Awards:  A generous annual gift from the Burke’s Peerage Foundation enables the College to offer grants of £500 - £1000 to support the studies of Wolfson undergraduates and postgraduates working in areas relating to genealogy and personal heritage in the broadest sense, including but not limited to: history, literature, heritage studies, linguistics, biology, genetics, music, architecture or art. Grants may be used to support research, conference travel, or other educational purposes that share the charitable aims of Burke's Peerage Foundation. Applications open in the Michaelmas Term for current students only.

Dr John T Grantham Scholarship: one award of up to £7,500 each year to fund student support in any form. Not available until 2023-24.

Fairleigh S. Dickinson, Jr. Scholarship: one award of £3,000 to fund student support in any form.

Joseph Petty Bursary:  £750 available per year. Open to postgraduate students in Criminology or subjects related to Metallurgy.

John Morrison Scholarship: one postgraduate scholarship of £9000.

Senior Members’ 50th Anniversary Fund: one award of £3,000, open to students in any discipline who have undertaken their MPhil at Wolfson and are progressing to a PhD. Not available until 2023-24.

Donald and Beryl O’May Scholarship:  Awards of up to £14,000 to cover University and College fees and maintenance. Open to undergraduates and postgraduates in the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences (including Law). Preference for those who have had a significant break in their studies since leaving school. Candidates must be UK or Republic of Ireland citizens.

Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

The Mary Hesse PhD Scholarship: £8000, with increases of at least £1000 possible upon renewal of the award in each of the next two years. Established in 2018 by a generous bequest from Professor Mary Hesse, a Fellow of Wolfson College from 1965-1992. It is intended to support Wolfson students pursuing a PhD in the Arts & Humanities. Awards are based on merit and financial need.

Teo Wang Gungwu Award:  This award is funded by a gift from Wolfson alumnus Anthony Teo in honour of the long and distinguished career of Professor Wang Gungwu and his outstanding scholarship in studies of China and the Chinese overseas.  Awards of up to £600 are available to support research and scholarship in the Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities, particularly in fields related to East Asian studies.  Wolfson College undergraduates and postgraduates are eligible to apply. 

His Excellency Dr Mahfouz bin Mahfouz Scholarship: up to £14,000 to support PhD study in the Arts, Humanities or Social Sciences.

Peter and Angela Lucas Bursary in Medieval English Studies A generous gift from Peter and Angela Lucas, Senior Members of Wolfson College, provides an annual bursary of £800 to support Wolfson students who are engaged in a PhD in Medieval English Studies, the area of the donors' own scholarly expertise.  For the purposes of this award, eligible fields of study are defined as 1) All subjects covered by the Department of Anglo-Saxon Norse and Celtic (Anglo-Saxon England, Scandinavia in the Viking Age, the Brittonic-speaking peoples, the Gaelic-speaking peoples; language and literature areas: Old English, Old Norse, Medieval Welsh/Irish, Insular Latin; palaeography and codicology);  or 2) English medieval language and literature up to 1500 within the Faculty of English, including medieval manuscript studies and the historical linguistic study of English up to 1600.

President’s Scholarship: One award of £6,000.  Open to postgraduate students, with preference for students undertaking an MPhil course in the Arts, Humanities or Social Sciences.

Jack King Bursary: £3,000 per year. Open to Home PhD students in the Arts and Humanities who have previously studied for at least three years at a British university.  


Professor Sir David Williams Law Award:   Up to £4,500 per year to support students studying law with a preference for postgraduate students.


Norma Emerton Award: £2,000 per year. A generous legacy from the estate of the late Dr Norma Emerton to encourage women in STEM subjects.

Medicine and Veterinary Medicine

Alborada Scholarships for Veterinary Science: awards vary in size, with most in the range between £5,000 and £10,000; they are usually renewable for the duration of the student's course, subject to satisfactory academic progress and continuing financial need.  Preference given to undergraduates studying Veterinary Science. This Scholarship has its own application form.

Medical Research Scholarship: up to £8,000 per year to support PhDs in Medical Science.

Match-funded Postgraduate Studentships (fully funded) and Scholarships (part-funded)

Wolfson partners with other University Faculties, Departments and Institutions to co-fund the following scholarships for our postgraduate students.  These awards are only tenable at Wolfson College. 

The initial selection process for all awards listed below is managed by our partners, not by the College. Only applications submitted before the relevant University or Department funding deadline will be considered.


Rowan Williams Cambridge & Wolfson College Studentship: Wolfson is proud to partner with the Cambridge Trust in sponsoring a Rowan Williams Cambridge & Wolfson College Studentship to support students who face severe barriers in coming to study in Cambridge. Named after the former Chairman of the Cambridge Trust's Board of Trustees, the Rowan Williams Cambridge & Wolfson College Studentship is a full-cost award available to undergraduate and postgraduates.  Detailed information available from the Cambridge Trust.

Arts and Humanities Research Council & Wolfson College PhD Studentship: These awards cover tuition and maintenance for 10 terms of doctoral study in any topic in the Arts & Humanities. 

Vice-Chancellor’s & Wolfson College PhD Studentship: An anonymous donor enables Wolfson to co-fund several full studentships covering tuition and maintenance for UK and Irish nationals who are required to pay fees at the home rate. 

Wolfson College-Pathology PhD Studentship: This match-funded award offers a full studentship for a Wolfson PhD student  in Pathology who has been selected to undertake one of these projects.   The deadline has now passed for 2022/23 study.

Wolfson College-PDN PhD Studentship:  This match-funded award offers a full studentship for a Wolfson PhD student in Physiology, Development and Neuroscience. Application information available here. The deadline has now passed for 2022/23 study.

In previous years Wolfson has also partnered with the Cambridge Judge Business School and the Department of Land Economy to fund PhD Studentships. We hope to establish new partner-funded studentships with other Departments and Faculties in future years.


Cambridge UK & Wolfson College Masters Scholarships: Each year Wolfson shares the cost of two awards of £12,000 each for MPhil students in the Arts, Humanities or Social Sciences. 

Wolfson OCS Kenya Scholarship: up to £30,000 to cover University and College fees and maintenance for a student from Kenya on a one-year postgraduate course. Offered in conjunction with Oxford and Cambridge Society of Kenya and the Cambridge Trust.

How to Apply

In order to ensure that your application is directed to Wolfson College you should list Wolfson as your first or second choice on your application for postgraduate study.

Once you have been accepted by the University and offered a place in 2022-23, you can apply for Scholarships. Anyone who does not get offered a place by Wolfson College will be removed from the applications.

To apply for any award you need only complete one online application form. The form is now available for submissions for the academic year 2022-23.  The deadline to apply for the awards will be 5pm (UK time) on Tuesday 19 April 2022. Sorry, the deadline has passed, we are not accepting any further applications.

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