Wolfson College Boxing Club


If you want to play sport at Cambridge University, Wolfson has the clubs, support, and facilities for you to get involved. 

Wolfson College Boxing Club

A range of clubs

Wolfson has a wide range of sports clubs and activity groups that are open to all students - everyone is welcome to get involved and try something new. Most clubs are run through the students' association, WCSA, with the exception of the Wolfson College Boat Club, which is run directly through the College.

Top-class achievements

At Wolfson, you'll find top athletes to inspire you: athletes who compete in Cambridge, in Varsity matches against Oxford, as well as on a national and international level. Recent accolades have been awarded to our students in Basketball, Boxing, Pentathlon and Tennis.

Excellent facilities

Wolfson has an on-site gym - that is free for all students to use - with a dedicated weights room. There is also a multi-purpose tennis and basketball court in the College gardens.

Pictured: The Wolfson College Boxing Club, founded by Michal Slowak (centre), Cambridge University "Boxer of the Year" 2022.