Bicycles at Bredon House

Fees & Funding

We want every undergraduate student who has a place at Wolfson to be able to fund their studies.

Bicycles at Bredon House

The cost of studying is often a major concern for mature undergraduates. It's a good idea to start thinking early about how to cover your costs and look into the many forms of financial support that are available from the government, the University and the College. 

What will it cost?

There are three elements to the cost of studying at Cambridge: University fees, College fees and Maintenance.

University Fees

All undergraduate students pay a University tuition fee (also known as the University Composition Fee). The fee you will pay depends on your fee status, and can be calculated via the University Website. EU students who begin degrees in England in the academic year 2020/21 will continue to be eligible for the same fees as 'home' students. Check the Brexit FAQs for more information.

College Fees

If you are a UK or EU student studying for your first undergraduate degree or undertaking a second undergraduate degree in Medicine, Veterinary Medicine or Architecture, you do not need to pay a College fee. You must pay the College fee if you are an international student from outside the EU, or if you are a UK or EU student undertaking a second undergraduate degree in any subject other than Medicine, Veterinary Medicine or Architecture. The University website has detailed information about University and College fees for international students and UK or EU students pursuing their second undergraduate degree.

For all enquiries relating to fees, please contact Birgit Lintner in the College Office.


Maintenance means living costs – rent, food, books and so on. Read more about the typical living costs for Cambridge undergraduates here.

Financial Support

Financial assistance is available from the government, the University and the College

There may be some financial support for International Students.

UK Students with dependents may be eligible for additional funding from the relevant Student Finance authority for England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland.