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Language Study Grants

Wolfson College can cover up to 50% of students' fees for courses on the Cambridge University Language Programme (CULP).

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As part of its commitment to fostering cross-cultural collaboration and communication across borders, Wolfson College offers Language Study Grants to support undergraduate and postgraduate students who are pursuing the study of a language other than English through the Cambridge University Language Programme (CULP)

CULP offers weekly or bi-weekly classes in over a dozen languages throughout the year.  Most courses run from Michaelmas to Lent, but there are intensive course offerings in Easter and sometimes in the summer. Wolfson College will reimburse 50% of the cost of any course offered through CULP once a student has successfully completed the course. Please note that only continuing students (in Wolfson to the following academic year) will be eligible for reimbursement if they take the courses offered in the Easter Term.  

How the Language Study Grants work

  • Full-time Wolfson students may apply for only one Language Study Grant per academic year. 
  • Part-time Wolfson students may also apply for support, but their awards will be pro-rated in relation to the length of their course, i.e. one grant per two years.
  • 'Attendance-only' language courses (e.g. 'Conversation Hours') are not eligible for support through this grant.
  • No awards will be offered to students who enrol on a language course but do not complete the course to a passing standard.

Applying for a grant

  • Students must register and pay up front for the CULP course of their choice, then attend weekly classes, complete assignments and sit exams as required.
  • After successfully completing the course, students should send their completion certificate and breakdown of marks to the Tutorial Office Manager, together with their proof of payment.
  • A payment for 50% of the total course cost, (or the difference between the total cost of the course and any funding the student secures from another funder, whichever is less) will then be credited to the student's College account.

Important note: Students are advised to apply for a Language Study Grant as soon as possible after completing their course, or within 30 days of receiving your marks. Students should also investigate other funding sources that might be available (see below) to cover the remainder of their costs.

Other funding sources

Other language bursaries are available for specific academic purposes or subjects (i.e. postgraduate students in Arts, Social Sciences or Humanities; or science and medical students learning for a year abroad). Visit the language centre website for further information.