Wolfson College Music Society


Wolfson College Music Society contributes to the cultural life of College by providing musical activities and events. It aims to give students and all College members the opportunity to experience the Western musical tradition and to develop music literacy skills through membership of the College Choir, instrumental ensembles and through attendance at concerts.

Would you like to give a recital in a warm and relaxed environment? If so, our Saturday lunchtime concert series is for you! Email Juan Pablo Robledo del Canto jper2@cam.ac.uk for more details.

Committee contacts

Ms Lyn Alcántara - Director of Music
Email: music @ wolfson.cam.ac.uk

Dr Delephine Mordey - Director of Studies
Email: dmn36 @ cam.ac.uk

Juan Pablo Robledo del Canto - WCMS President & Lunchtime Recitals
Email: jper2 @ cam.ac.uk

Curtis Sharma - WCMS Secretary
Email: cjms2 @ cam.ac.uk

Andrei Smid - Choir Membership Secretary
Email: ais35 @ cam.ac.uk

Emily Shyr - WCMS Publicity Officer
Email: ems96 @ cam.ac.uk

Lucy Wilson - Choir Librarian

Most of the the photographs on the Wolfson College Music Society webpages were taken by Daniel Oi, and are used here with his permission, under the Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial-No Derivative Works 2.5 UK: Scotland License.