Bicycles at Bredon House

Fees & Funding (UG)

We want every undergraduate student who has a place at Wolfson to be able to fund their studies.

Bicycles at Bredon House

The cost of studying is often a major concern for mature undergraduates. It's a good idea to start thinking early about how to cover your costs. You can find further information about tuition fees, living costs, and financial support on the university website here.

Financial support is also available from Wolfson College.

Wolfson College Enhanced Bursaries for third years undergraduates

Thanks to generous support from individual donors, Trinity College and Wolfson College, there is a funding scheme that aims to increase support to students who have already qualified for the Cambridge Bursary and to extend financial support to a wider range of students (particularly those from middle-income households). This new bursary scheme is designed to test whether modest extra support makes a difference to the student experience. Under the pilot scheme, now in its fourth year, students from households with incomes up to £62,000 may receive additional support during term time, in addition to the Cambridge Bursary.  Students must have their household income assessed by the relevant Student Finance Agency in order to be considered for an enhanced bursary. 

Alborada Scholarships in Veterinary Science

Subject to the College securing appropriate funding it is hoped that we would be able to continue to offer scholarships for undergraduates who will begin studying Veterinary Science from October 2025. The Alborada Scholarships are awarded on the basis of academic merit and financial need.  Awards vary in size, with most in the range between £3,000 and £10,000, with a possibility of renewal, subject to satisfactory academic progress and continuing financial need.  Preference given to undergraduates studying Veterinary Science and to those for whom the award will have a decisive impact on their ability to pursue their chosen course of study. Only students who already hold an offer of a place to study at Wolfson College are eligible to apply. Please note that these scholarships are not yet guaranteed to be available but we will update this page as soon as we have further information. Potential applicants for the Veterinary Medicine Tripos are welcome to contact the undergraduate admissions office for further advice.

Teo Wang Gungwu Award

This award is funded by a gift from alumnus Anthony Teo in honour of the long and distinguished career of Professor Wang Gungwu and his outstanding scholarship in studies of China and the Chinese overseas.  Awards of up to £600 are available to support research and scholarship in the Arts, Social Sciences and Humanities, particularly in fields related to East Asian studies.  Wolfson College undergraduates and postgraduates are eligible to apply. 

Burke’s Peerage Foundation Grants

Competitive awards of £500- £1,000 each year to current students whose research addresses topics related to genealogy, generational connections and/or heritage studies, broadly defined. Both undergraduate and postgraduate students are eligible to apply. Applications open in the Michaelmas Term and should include a brief research summary and an indication of how the award will be beneficial.

Donald & Beryl O'May Scholarship in the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

This scholarship will next be available in October 2024 (after the current award-holders graduate).  It is open to Wolfson College undergraduates and postgraduates in the arts, humanities or social sciences (including law).  The scholarship may be held for one, two or three years (subject to satisfactory progress).  Applicants must be citizens of the United Kingdom or the Republic of Ireland. Preference will be given to candidates who have had a significant break in their studies at some stage since leaving school. The applicant must have been offered and accepted a place to study at Wolfson College. Applications for this scholarship will be open in December 2023.


The College also offers undergraduates the following forms of financial support:

Travel & Research Grants

Travel & Research Grants assist students with the costs of conducting research and/or presenting it at conferences. They are awarded on a competitive basis. Students who have been unsuccessful in a previous application are encouraged to apply again. Roughly 70 awards are available each year. Further details and how to apply can be found here

Vacation Project Grants

Vacation Project Grants support activities that are broadly educational, but that do not qualify for a Travel & Research Grant. They are awarded on a competitive basis. Students who have been unsuccessful in a previous application are encouraged to apply again. Up to 10 awards are available each year. Further details and how to apply can be found here

Language Study Grants

Wolfson offers Language Study Grants to cover up to 50% of the course fees for languages other than English through the Cambridge University Language Programme (CULP)

Academic Prizes

Academic Prizes are awarded for outstanding performance in undergraduate or Master's examinations. These are awarded on graduation. Wolfson College awards the following prizes academic excellence.

  • Sir David Williams Prize
  • Hugh Bevan Prize
  • Jennings Prize
  • Tunnicliffe Prize
  • Joe Petty Prize and Joe Petty Bursary
  • Jack King Prize
  • The Dato Ng Kong Yeam Prize
  • The Charles Carlton Prize

You can find additional information about these prizes here.

Music Scholarships

Wolfson College participates in the Instrumental Awards Scheme for Chamber Music. The College offers support to musicians in their studies and performance with the Brian Moore Accompanist and Choral Scholarships.

The Brian Moore Accompanist Scholarship offers a choir accompanist worth £600 each year with additional 'perks' up to the value of a further £600, including a keyboard in your room, free meals on duty days, free choir tours, sheet music purchase, and piano/organ/singing lessons.

The Choral Scholarships, including the Lynette Alcantara Choral Scholarship for the applicant with the best solo potential, offers the following:

  • Undergraduate Choral Scholars receive a stipend of £100 plus perks
  • Postgraduate Choral Scholars receive a stipend of £250 plus perks
  • All Choral Scholars receive additional 'perks' including a number of free Formal Halls, choir socials, free choir tours every few years, and singing lessons to the value of £300

You can find further details on our website here

Sports Awards

Wolfson College assists current students who are training or competing for the University in a sport for which a Blue or Half-Blue is awarded. Priority will be given to applicants who have not previously received a Sports Bursary in the past. You can find further information and how to apply here

Hardship Funds

The College and the University expect all students to have sufficient funds in place to cover the costs of their course before taking up their place, but should you find yourself facing unanticipated financial difficulties for reasons that you could not have anticipated when you began your course, get in touch with your Tutor and discuss your eligibility for one or more of the specific Hardship funds listed below. There are notes on General Eligibility Principles and Guidance here.

More information and the application form can be found here.


Support for Medical and Veterinary Students

Standard six-year Medical & Veterinary course (UK, and EU students)

A new student who starts a standard medical or veterinary course in October 2024 is treated for four years as any other new student, charged the University fee of £9,250 and eligible for the same package of support as other students, including a fee loan and a maintenance loan.

In the final two years of the medical only course students become eligible for a means-tested NHS Bursary, and the NHS also meets the cost of fees on a non-means tested basis. Students cease to be eligible for all other forms of government support, with the exception of a reduced rate non means-tested maintenance loan. In addition, an NHS Grant is available to English and Welsh students.

Five-year Affiliate Course in Medicine & Veterinary Medicine

Full information on funding for the 5-year Affiliate Courses can be found on the University website.

Students from the UK who are studying for an Affiliate degree in Medicine and Veterinary Medicine at Wolfson College will not be required to pay a separate College fee.

Funding from BMA Charities

Second year Medicine students, who are doing Medicine as a second degree, can apply for hardship from the BMA Charities (for their third year only).

Four-year Graduate Course in Medicine (CGCM)

Financial support is available for students studying the four-year Graduate Course in Medicine (CGCM) details of which can be found here