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Environment and sustainability

Climate change is the most urgent challenge of our time. As a College, we’re working to respond and lead across a wide range of areas, uniting our staff, students, alumni, and Fellows. 

Wolfson College

The Sustainability Committee

The Committee is the College’s primary body for overseeing all forms of sustainability activity within the College and reports to the Council.  It aims to ensure sustainability is embedded into all aspects of the College’s activities. This body makes recommendations on appropriately ambitious goals and targets and ensures that the College is held to account in fulfilling its sustainability agenda.  

Divestment from fossil fuel investments

The College’s Council and Governing Body endorse the University’s decision to cut greenhouse gas emissions to zero by 2038. 

We are also committed to a sustainable and responsible investment policy. Almost 99% of our endowment is invested in The Cambridge University Endowment Fund, which aims to divest from all direct and indirect investments in fossil fuels by 2030, more than a decade before the date set by the UK Government. The remaining 1% of our investments have been held historically in a private equity fund: these investments are nearing the end of their lives, and when the capital is distributed the College intends to invest the proceeds in the Cambridge University Endowment Fund. 

Interdisciplinary Research Hub

The Sustainability & Conservation Research Hub brings together a variety of disciplines and academics at different career stages, from undergraduate students to Emeritus Fellows, to explore solutions to combat the destruction of the natural world. 

Through events, projects, mentoring and more, the Hub draws on Wolfson's strengths in diversity with students from 85+ nationalities, world-class researchers, and highly engaged networks, to educate and trigger action in sustainability and conservation. 

Conveners of the Hub include Fellows Professor Steve Evans, Director of Research in Industrial Sustainability at the Institute for Manufacturing, Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge, and Professor John French, Director of Sustainability at Cambridge Innovation Parks and Board Member and trustee of The Environmental Association of Universities and Colleges (EAUC).  

Wolfson Green Society

The Wolfson Green Society was set up to enact change within the College and put the spotlight and sustainability at Wolfson, the Cambridge community, and beyond.

The Green Society hosts fortnightly webinars on sustainability and conservation topics. Presentations have included talks from a local beekeeper, the former EU Ambassador at large to the Arctic, and Wolfson JRF, Dr Helene Hoffman, a Physicist specialising in Environment Physics and ice core science. 

All Green Society webinars can be found online in the Wolfson Media Collection. 

Green and Campaigns Officer

Each year, our Student Association, WCSA, elects a Green & Campaigns Officer who works to raise awareness of sustainability issues and encourage green policies around the College. 

You can find out more on the Being Green at Wolfson page. 

Green Impact Award 

In 2020, Wolfson achieved a Gold Impact Award for environmental performance and for promoting sustainability. 

We will once again be striving for a Green Impact Award in 2021. The effort is headed up by Domestic Bursar Darren Smith with the assistance of the WCSA Green Officer and the College Green Society. 

What's on

Black man in Britain

Daughters and Sons of the Post-Windrush Generation: Reflections and New Directions

22/06/2021 at 15.00

This Windrush day, join us and the Centre for the Study of Global Human Movement for a special panel discussion.

art by Amikam Toren

Art Exhibition Opening: Amikam Toren

29/06/2021 at 17.30

Members of Wolfson are invited to our latest arts exhibition opening event. This is an in-person event with limited capacity, so please make sure to book.

Wolfson College

Foundation Day 2021

30/06/2021 at 18.00

Join President Jane Clarke to toast what makes Wolfson special: its history, achievements and – most of all – its people. Wolfson invites you to celebrate the 56th annual Foundation Day on Wednesday 30 June 2021, 6 to 6.30pm BST (GMT+1).

The Wolfson courtyard spring 2019

Pathway to a sustainable future: Wolfson Who’s who (Fellows-only)

05/07/2021 at 17.00

For the Anniversary Week of the Wolfson Sustainability & Conservation Interdisciplinary Research Hub, a space for views from many disciplines to discuss the pathway towards a sustainable future at Wolfson College

Wants and Offer graphic

Wants + Offers: Year Past Year Ahead

08/07/2021 at 17.00

For the Anniversary Week of the Wolfson Sustainability & Conservation Interdisciplinary Research Hub, a space to discuss the year past and the year ahead.