Sustainability & Conservation Hub

Sustainability & Conservation Interdisciplinary Research Hub

Wolfson College Sustainability & Conservation Interdisciplinary Research Hub brings together our international Fellows, students and others to inform and educate, improve our understanding and generate impactful solutions to stop the destruction of the natural world.

Sustainability & Conservation Hub

Destruction of the natural world is the international problem of our times. A truly interdisciplinary challenge. We will enable you, Wolfson's international and diverse network, membership and friends, to trigger the required change to wider global systems.

The time to act is diminishing, the need for a concerted and international Sustainability and Conservation Hub is growing.


The S&C Hub convenes a variety of disciplines and generations through events, projects, mentoring and more, drawing on Wolfson's strengths in diversity and inclusion with returning professionals and new students from 85+ nationalities, world-class researchers and highly engaged networks. We have maturity of experience and global reach to educate future decisions makers across disciplines and industries.

The details of our approach are set out in our Theory of Change (draft; 16 Nov 2020). A final confirmed version is TBA.

Events Programme 2020

ASEAN Emerging Researchers Hub - Challenges in Global Development: Sustainability and Conservation
Mon 30 Nov 2020 (09:30-11:30)

Our Progress + Looking Forward - S&C Hub Open meeting
Mon 14 Dec 2020 (13:00-14:00)

Past Events

All available recordings can be found on Wolfsons Media Collection.

Issues we care about
Fri 10 July 2020 13:00-14:00

Why do we care and the beginnings of action
Fri 11 Sept 2020 13:00-14:30 - original programme here

Devising a Theory of Change
Thur 8 Oct 2020 12:30-13:30

People and Connections

Our growing list of Hub members and contributors - click here

The S&C Hub fantastic Proactive Volunteers 🌿 (watch this space; how to help them tba!)

Nyandire Reinhard Bonke
Konstantinos Korakakis
Zach Whit
Caleb Deck
Santiago Sottil

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Global issues today are simultaneously individual, collective and societal; everyone should have a say in how to resolve them. The Sustainability and Conservation Hub is therefore open to everyone.

The Hub's organising committee of Convenors 🍃

Charlie Barty-King
Sian Cook
Steve Evans
John French
Guillaume Nataf
Rae White

This Hub is part of a Cambridge ecosystem, which as with anything else has impact on wider society. A primary aim is to be a platform for cross-talk within Cambridge and beyond. We are generating an interactive graphic of all sustainability and conservation groups, institutes, centres and societies, to be released here shortly. The preliminary version can be viewed here (produced by Lena Morrill). Click on the nodes to be taken to their website.


Donations in support of the Sustainability and Conservation Hub can be made through Wolfson's Annual Fund -

Chose "Other" in Designation and type "Sustainability and Conservation Fund". Alternatively get in touch with the fundraising office on

Activity and Outputs

Draft S&C Hub Theory of Change - current draft; 16 Nov 2020. A confirmed and condensed strategic version TBA.

Wolfson's Sustainability & Conservation History - a project to compile and recognise Wolfson's past and current efforts in the area of S&C. We want to comprehend and acknowledge our strengths, weaknesses, network and past strategy to be most productive in the years ahead. If you have any news, stories, contacts or information on Wolfson's past and current S&C success, please email us at

Cambridge S&C Network - a a project to visual Cambridge's current S&C organisational network. We want to be the platform for joined up thinking and S&C thought leadership, which is severely lacking locally, nationally and internationally. To do this, we first need to visualise the current Cambridge S&C landscape. A preliminary interactive graphic can be viewed here. Click on the nodes to be taken to their website. Special thanks to new Hub member Lena Morrill from the current Engage for Change cohort.

Green Society of Wolfson Collegearticle and Society webpage

Green Talks - termly lecture series, see all recordings here

Green Impact Gold Award and Student Leadership - article


Key Reading

  • 80,000 hours. "A guide to using your career to help solve the worlds most pressing problems".
  • Community Power Empowers. Report on what individuals can do collectively right now to tackle climate change in their own community.


  • Switch It. Find out if your money is funding fossil fuels. Helps to inform you if you should switch bank or energy provider.
  • Make money matter. Making sure your pension is invested with intention. Easy way to make significant difference with minimal effort.


  • Cambridge Zero. University initiative to combat climate change. Lots of useful resources, information and potential ideas for collaboration.
  • See the Hub's own Professor Steve Evans discussing Manufacturing Sustainability. Recording here, follow up Q&A here.
  • Newham College's Environmental Justice Society (Cambridge) has produced a "10-point Climate Guide', view here.

What we have discussed so far

Key questions posed so far in devising our Theory of Change:

  • What makes you most angry?
  • What makes you most happy?
  • Why are you here and where can we can act as a Hub?
  • What do you think the problem actually is?
  • What can we do about it?
  • What should we do next?

Themes discussed:

  • Personal vs Corporate vs Government Responsibility
  • Climate Change
  • Biodiversity
  • Humanity and Nature
  • How to properly integrate the Arts & Creative Industries with S&C?
  • Why isn't all S&C knowledge open source?
  • Sustainable Food Systems