Lee Library


The Lee Library is an accessible, welcoming and multi-disciplinary study resource for our postgraduate students.

Lee Library

"The Library is cozy and comfortable, with a quiet and respectful atmosphere. It's a relaxed and non-stuffy place with a great ambiance and super helpful staff. It feels like 'our' space as students."

The Lee Library

The Library holds over 20,000 books which cater to all subjects, especially those on department reading lists. There are basic and advanced texts in all disciplines, and the collection is constantly expanding. The library has generous borrowing periods, and we strive to be responsive to purchase requests from students. But the Library isn't just about books; we are a friendly team who offer study support and skills development to guide you through your course.

This is also a popular place to work, with a choice of congenial study areas on two floors and over 50 desks. The building is open 24 hours per day, 7 days a week and has amenities such as a computer room and printers, kettle, refrigerator and lockers. Students are free to have food and drinks in the reading rooms.

The Library’s homepage is a comprehensive gateway to the information resources on offer across the university, including the main library catalogue, academic skills training, subject research guides and hundreds of scholarly databases.


Academic Skills Support

The Wolfson Lee Library offers exceptional academic skills support to students at all stages of their studies and research. Our dedicated academic skills librarian is available on a one-to-one basis to discuss tools and techniques that will change how you discover, manage, evaluate, create and present information. A range of workshops are on offer in college, along with a host of online materials, to ensure that you have access to resources when you need them most, whether you are with us for a one-year Masters course or writing up a PhD thesis after spending three years at College.

We can help you at the start of your journey to:

  • search catalogues, databases and the academic web for items on a reading list or to discover relevant resources in your research field
  • use referencing software
  • comply with copyright and avoid plagiarism
  • develop strategies to manage your time
  • become a critical reader and writer.

As your studies progress, we can provide more advanced support to:

  • keep up to date with new research
  • conduct data and information management planning
  • develop an academic online presence
  • assess the impact of scholarly publications
  • write posters and presentations.
  • promote your research online

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