"You have the same right to be here as everyone else" : meet Deputy Senior Tutor, Tania Davies

Dr Tania Davies is the Deputy Senior Tutor for Welfare and Wellbeing, and is responsible for overseeing welfare roles and provision in College.

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Tania loves being involved in every aspect of College life, and making sure she spends as much time with students as possible. Often hearing about 'imposter syndrome', she's keen to remind all students that they have as much of a right to be here in Cambridge as everybody else.

Can you give a short introduction to yourself – how did you get into your role at Wolfson? Any fun facts?

I come from Swansea in Wales so moved my whole life upside down to come to Wolfson and haven’t regretted it for one second – yet!  Before this, I worked at the oldest university in Wales as a portfolio manager, governor and senior lecturer in health research and social policy.

Everything I know about how to take care of students comes from the people I was lucky enough to work with and provide a service for there. My research background is psychopathology, wellbeing, and support provision. Before I was in education, I trained as an addictions counsellor and worked with young people in the prison system.

Two fun facts about me are that I once trained as a boxer and almost went semi-pro, and I am convinced I am the person who invented blending eyeshadow in the 90s. 

How would you describe your role in College? What kind of contact do you normally have with students?

My remit is coordinating the welfare roles and provision – that’s the nurses, Student Wellbeing Advisor, and tutors – as well as overseeing the strategies and policies for enhancing the student experience. I also am a Fellow of the College and a tutor. I like my days to be as student-facing as possible, so I make a point of being with students as much as I can.

What is your favourite thing about working at Wolfson and helping students?

The people are what make Wolfson great to me. I have noticed that great people end up at Wolfson!

"We all have a slightly complicated story about how we got here, we all care about the human experience, and we all want to feel part of something yet still be true to who we are. One of my closest new friends at work says, “I have found my tribe”, and that’s exactly how it feels."

My favourite thing about helping students is knowing I am here purely for you and to enhance your journey. I have an amazing job in the College, because it’s all about making sure everyone is getting what they need. I also like that I am able to be involved in every area of the College and University - because I am nosey and push my way into everything!

I also love working so closely with the Senior Tutor, because she champions me, challenges me, and cracks me up every single day. 

Do you have any welfare advice for Wolfson students in terms of navigating Cambridge life?

My advice for students at Cambridge is to remember the two G’s: Gratitude and Graft. Have gratitude for the people and experiences that have helped you get here, because you made it into the top 2% for a reason and have the same right to be here as everyone else. However, don’t underestimate the Graft: putting in the work - for yourself as well as your course - will always help.

"You are going to come out of this highly trained, skilled, and ready to take on the world, and nobody is going to do it the way you will.  Always remember that the resilience that got you here is the same resilience that will get you through. And I really did invent eyeshadow blending."

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