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If it’s dirty, Housekeeping will clean it!

Shiny door plate

The Housekeeping Team is responsible for keeping the College clean and safe. The communal kitchens and bathrooms on the blocks get visited once every weekday (except isolating blocks) and they have doubled their efforts in places like the Club Room, laundries, public toilets and the gym.

From Monday 6 September, Housekeeping will start cleaning student bedrooms once again. Please note the below to help keep everyone safe:

  • The rota for your area will be placed on a wall, usually somewhere near the communal kitchen
  • All rooms will be cleaned, even those without an en-suite. Cleaning will start on the third week after arrival for students arriving now to allow for self-isolation.
  • Rooms must be vacated and ventilated before cleaning takes place.
  • The Housekeeping Assistant will knock and let you know roughly how long it will be until your room is reached. You should be given enough notice to vacate your room leaving the windows open and the bathroom fan on (if you have a bathroom and can do so).
  • Cleaning obviously hasn't taken place for quite some time so as a reminder, the team will not move anything, they will only clean the carpet and surfaces that they can see. You might want to have a quick tidy...!!!
  • After a week or two, the routine should have settled to the point where you know when you need to vacate.
  • Please feel able to talk to your regular Housekeeping Assistant (socially distanced) to discuss times if for instance you are always out at a certain time.

If you are self-isolating, you must contact Housekeeping on to let them know. It is your responsibility to ensure that they are aware. You must also follow all the guidance on the website to ensure that you self-isolate correctly and safely.

“Housekeeping ain’t no joke.” —Louisa May Alcott