Wolfson launches new interdisciplinary research hubs

Events have been taking place over the summer and continue over the next few weeks for new research hubs.

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Global Challenges require multidisciplinary solutions, the coming together of creative people with different skills and perspectives. Our College is a community of just such creative people - scholars from many academic disciplines, with curiosity about the world around them and the determination to change it for the better. Professor Jane Clarke, President of Wolfson College says, "Wolfson has particular strengths in this regard, since it is exceptionally multinational, it has a Visiting Researcher programme and hosts many part-time students who bring professional experience from the worlds of industry, education, policy, government and commerce. We also lack the traditional hierarchical barriers between Fellows and students – between education and research."

The College is developing a series of interdisciplinary research hubs in areas where Wolfson College Fellows, students and alumni have particular interest and expertise, and can engage their large global networks of collaborators. Our first three hubs concern Global Health, Sustainability & Conservation, and Gender. Each hub will soon have its own webpage.

We are providing an environment (both physical and intellectual) where challenging problems are discussed, where dialogue is encouraged, and where novel solutions are envisaged and developed. These hubs will be the catalyst to bring together interested Fellows, students and other partners from different disciplines. We will actively support the building of relationships with non-academic partners, in particular by galvanising our large international membership.

Two online events are taking place in the coming weeks which you are invited to join. The Sustainability & Conservation Hub is holding an online event on Fri 11 Sept 2020 from 13:00-14:30: info and book here

Making the ‘Urban’ Better:  building healthy sustainable cities in the era of COVID-19 and beyond, a joint meeting between the Global Health and Sustainability Hubs will take place on Monday 14 Sept 15.00 - 17.30: book here.

No date has been fixed for the next Gender Hub meeting; email Charlotte Callahan if you would like to be notified when the event has been arranged.

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