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Wolfson College’s Interdisciplinary Research Hub on Gender brings together our international community of Fellows, students and alumni to create an open and active channel for discussions about gender and support gender-related research by College members whether based in Cambridge or beyond. 

The Gender Hub brings together individuals from a wide range of disciplines, generations and perspectives in accessible events, informal discussions and advocacy initiatives related to gender.  The Hub recognises that gender intersects with other axes of oppression: race/ethnicity, sexual orientation, class, and dis/ability status, among others. The Hub is committed to exploring and analysing these intersections in the events we organise and the initiatives we advance.

    Strategic Priorities 

    The Gender Research Hub aims to:

    1. Spark cross-disciplinary conversations and innovative collaborations among Wolfson's students, Fellows and alumni on issues related to gender.  
    2. Organise events to raise the profile of research on gender within the College community.
    3. Support College members engaged in research on gender by offering ample opportunities to share their work in informal discussions of work-in-progress, mini-conferences and social events.
    Relevant People
    Institute of Criminology
    MMLL (French)
    MMLL (Slavonic Studies)
    • Dan Scott - Gender Research Hub Coordinator, Student (PhD)
    Politics and International Studies
    Past Gender Hub Events
    Past Related Events


    The umbrella of gender-related research is expansive, as gender permeates virtually all aspects of personal and professional life. Categorizing topics on gendered research therefore proves difficult do in a rigorous taxonomical manner. However, in order to provide better focus and clarity on the nature of the Gender Research Hub, we have grouped certain key subjects around three themes. While these themes cannot be perfectly separated as many issues are highly intersectional, they provide a lens through which to frame our exploration on gender research.

    Graphic of topic map divided into themes, 1. Sociology and status, including topics of class, sexuality and gender identity, and race, ethnicity, and culture; 2. Services and stewardship, including topics of medicine and mental health, education and childcare, and environmental sustainability; 3. Systems and structures, including topics of law, occupation, and politics and power institutions



    Get Involved

    You can follow the Gender Hub on Facebook and sign up for our mailing list to receive updates about events and activities. 

    If you want to host an event or participate in/ support the Gender Hub in any other way, let us know via this form or email the Gender Hub Coordinator (Dan Scott). 


    Giving Back

    Donations in support of the Gender Research Hub can be made through the College's donations portal. For either a one-off donation or recurring gift, under the section "I would like my Gift to support..." select "Other" and type "Gender Hub". You may also leave an optional comment with further details of what you'd like to support, such as general hub functioning, student research activity, studentships and awards, etc.

    What's on

    Yellow flower growing out of a crack in concrete

    Open Call: Wolf Words Poetry Anthology 2023

    24/04/2023 at 09.00

    As I write, I create myself again and again’, Joy Harjo

    'You' by Gavin Fry

    Art Exhibition: 'Things Put Differently'

    27/05/2023 at 10.00

    Visit Wolfson's latest exhibition 'Things Put Differently' featuring Gavin Fry and works by Anthony Green and Mary Cozens-Walker.

    Photo of artist Gurpran Rau holding a piece of her artwork

    Art Exhibition: 'Patterns of Renewal'

    27/05/2023 at 10.00

    We're delighted to be the first to display Gurpran Rau's latest exhibition 'Patterns of Renewal', featuring a series of paintings created during lockdown inspired by her walks in the woods of Cambridgeshire.

    Palazzo Braschi 1934

    The ghosts of fascism: Italian intellectuals and the experience and memory of the dictatorship

    30/05/2023 at 17.30

    How did Italian intellectuals face the experience of fascism during the regime and how did they remember it after the war?

    Image of people sat and stood around enjoying themselves at a sustainability social

    Sustainability Mentor Meet-up

    31/05/2023 at 18.15

    An informal drinks reception with light refreshments for those registered on, or interested in joining, the Wolfson Sustainability Mentor scheme.