Sustainability Mentoring Meet-up

Group of people at a Sustainability and Conservation hub social event
Date 16/02/2023 at 17.45 - 16/02/2023 at 19.00 Where Fuch's House Music Room

An informal drinks reception with light refreshments to welcome and introduce those who have registered for the Wolfson Sustainability Mentor scheme.

Group of people at a Sustainability and Conservation hub social event


The commitment is low and in your control at all times - we only ask that you meet up at least once in the first instance! Registration closes on Fri 10th Feb. We will then assign people based on the responses and put you in contact on 13th Feb with some guiding information, support and example questions to consider. We then invite you to arrange a call in your own time or to join this mentoring social event - Sustainability Mentoring Meet-up - on Thur 16th Feb to meet in-person. Or both! Light refreshments & snacks will be provided.

Read Wolfson alumnus Alain Kilajian's experience mentoring Santiago Sottil as Santiago completed his Waste to Art project and became the first recipient of the Wolfson Living Lab Award (2021).

Mentors, you might also want to consider:

  • How did you get your job post-Wolfson?
  • What are some professional insights you’ve discovered since leaving Wolfson?
  • What insights do you wish you had been given?
  • What things do you wish you had done while at University/Wolfson?
  • What is your current occupation and how did you get this role?
  • What do you most enjoy / least enjoy about your job?
  • What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?
  • Which living or historical figure inspires you most?

Mentees, you might also want to consider:

  • What jobs or industries are you thinking to apply too after you leave Wolfson?
  • How are you getting on with your course right now?
  • What would you be doing if you had more time?
  • Do you have any concerns about jobs/careers?
  • Why did you pick the degree you are on?
  • Which living or historical figure inspires you most?



Sign-up as a potential mentor or mentee here:


For all those with an interest in sustainability, ecology and climate. The world needs to increase its action, community and knowledge on sustainability, ecological and climate related topics. We therefore invite the international Wolfson community to meet each other to share knowledge, advice and expertise.

Grown from our Theory of Change (Community Resilience branch) from Wolfson’s Sustainability & Conservation Hub, we provide avenues for sustainability-focused Wolfson alumni, Fellows and friends to mentor the Wolfson student body and staff, creating knowledge transfer and cross-talk across our international community. Being a Mentor is as involved or low maintenance as desired, from a casual chat, to occasional advising on work efforts, to actively supporting students in official projects. The level of commitment is very much up to you and the relationship you want to nurture.



This event is organised by the Interdisciplinary Research Hub on Sustainability & Conservation.

Any queries, please email with the heading "S&C Mentoring".

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