Before arrival

All offer holders

  • Once you have received your offer and made a decision you need to confirm this with UCAS by their given deadline and also by emailing the Undergraduate Administrator to advise her of your intentions.
  • You will receive an offer letter containing a financial undertaking form. The deadline for returning this form is 1 August, although you should aim to submit these as soon as you are able.
  • You should post a copy of any academic transcripts not previously submitted with your application to the Undergraduate Administrator.
  • If you may be elligible for a Cambridge Bursary, you will need to apply to Student Finance England. Information on eligibility criteria and how to apply can be found on the Cambridge Bursary website.
  • The University does advise that you check that your vaccinations are up to date before you arrive. Please visit the university website for further advise. 
  • Accommodation forms will be sent from mid-May to those who meet the academic conditions of their offer. In the meantime, please see the accommodation section of our website for further details. If you are not intending on living within Wolfson accommodation, please note that undergraduates must live within 3 miles of the centre of Cambridge. Special allowances can be made in some cases for living up to 10 miles from the centre of Cambridge. If you would like to be considered for this, you should contact the Undergraduate Administrator.
  • Please see our section on Reading Lists; it is important that you begin to read for your subject before undertaking your studies.
  • Please see our section on Fees and Finance, which includes information on how to pay your fees upon arrival.
  • Please see the Wolfson Handbook. This resource provides you with detailed information on Wolfson College, be it academic, social or simply practical information. If you have any further questions which are not answered here, please contact the Undergraduate Administrator who will be pleased to help.

It is very important that you update us with any change of postal or email addresses as well as contact telephone numbers.

Offer holders with academic conditions

Please send a copy of results to the Undergraduate Administrator as soon as you have received them, so that she can confirm that you have met the academic conditions of your offer.

Deferred entry offers

We will need you to complete a financial undertaking form this year so that we can confirm that you can finance your studies. You will be asked to complete this again next year, in case there have been changes to your financial situation.

You should begin to read for your subject during your extra year. Please see our section on Reading Lists. If there are any areas in particular in which you would like to undertake further reading, please contact the Undergraduate Administrator who will put you in touch with your Director of Studies.

You will be sent accommodation details next year, along with details of any bursaries that you will be eligible for.

Graduate Course in Medicine offer holders

Graduate Course in Medicine students should arrive into Wolfson accommodation a week before the intake weekend, in order to attend their orientation in Bury St Edmunds. Details of the orientation will be sent to you by the Clinical School at the end of August. You will be picked up from Wolfson on Monday morning, stay in accommodation in Bury during the week, and be brought back on Friday afternoon.

Those requiring a visa to study at Cambridge

It is very important that you take time to understand what is required from you if you need a visa to study at Cambridge.

You will need to submit a clearly scanned copy of the passport page that you will be using to enter the UK when you begin your studies in order for us to provide you with a CAS number, which is required in your visa application. You will be sent an email about this including further information which will also include a deadline.

Please submit scans of your requested documents through this secure link.

Please note that the University can only sponsor you once you have met all conditions of your offer. We will also need to see and approve your financial undertaking form before you can receive your CAS number. It would be beneficial to provide us with the financial undertaking form as soon as you are able to complete it, together with a hard copy of your results as soon as you receive them.

Additional sources of information are available from: