Wolfson Boat Crew to race in China

by Fiona Gilsenan

Very exciting travels are coming up for the Wolfson College Boat Club (WCBC)  - a team is headed to China today!

M1 rowing at spring regatta on River Cam

Wolfson alumni Tong Wu (matriculated in 2014) invited the crew on behalf of Fenghe Sports, a Chinese rowing club.

The men's crew will race at the 2018 Zhengzhou Longzi Lake University Rowing Regatta on 21 April, with both a 5,000-metre and a 300-metre race. Teams from the Amsterdam Student Rowing Club Nereus in the Netherlands and Northwestern University from Illinois, will also be participating in the Zhengzhou regatta, along with a number of other Chinese clubs that include Fenghe Sports and a team from Xidian University. This regatta is for men's teams only, but WCBC Captain Sonny Smart says they hope to hold a women's regatta later in the year.

Club Captain Sonny Smart will be accompanied by Jonas Wilcks, Coenraad Westbroek, Dhruv Panchal, Daniil Baryshnikov, Thomas Hewitt, Charalampos Michalakakis, Graham Mills, Thomas Stell, and cox Justin Yang.

This year represents the 50th anniversary of the WCBC and we look forward to their success in China and in the May Bumps coming up in June. You can book tickets to that event online as well as find out more about the 50th anniversary plans.

Best of luck to the crew.