The Lee Library through a photographer's lens

Photographer Sara Rawlinson has produced a beautiful series of images as part of a larger project photographing Cambridge libraries.

Lee Library by Sara Rawlinson

The Lee Library is shown in its best light thanks to Cambridge-based photographer Sara Rawlinson. Rawlinson, who "grew up in her grandma's darkroom" in Minneapolis, Minnesota, has been photographing Cambridge libraries for her series, Illuminating Cambridge Libraries, a large photographic study of libraries within Cambridge which aims to honour features that enable the dissemination and preservation of knowledge by highlighting the aesthetic environment in which such books and documents are displayed and preserved.

The series currently consists of over 1,500 images from 26 libraries, some of which can be seen on her website.

A pop-up exhibition of Illuminating Cambridge Libraries will be held at The Heong Gallery from 11-17 February, opening with a Private View on Monday 11 February featuring poet Michael Brown.