Junior Research Fellow Dr Calum Williams awarded new Fellowship

Calum was awarded a Wellcome Trust /University of Cambridge Junior Interdisciplinary Fellowship in nanophotonic-enhanced biomedical imaging technologies.

Calum Williams

The Junior Interdisciplainary Fellowship is awarded to postdoctoral candidates with backgrounds in the physical sciences, including engineering, mathematics and computer sciences, who wish to gain experience in the application of their research to solve problems in the basic biological and biomedical sciences. The fellowships are intended to provide opportunities for award holders to gain experience in applying biological approaches, and/or apply novel theoretical or experimental techniques from the physical sciences to address biological problems. 

Calum's Research

Today there exists a multitude of different optical imaging modalities used in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. Nanophotonics – the interaction of light with nanostructured features thousands of times smaller than a human hair – offers unprecedented control of the properties of light. 

The application of nanophotonics in both the illumination and detection sides of biomedical optical imaging has the ability to unify different modalities in a single compact device. 

A multimodal nanophotonic-enhanced imaging system for early stage cancer detection has great potential to change the way we image cancer using light, leading to better diagnostic accuracy and patient outcomes. 

Many warm congratulations to Calum.


Dr. Sarah Bohndiek (Department of Physics)                        
Dr. Massimiliano di Pietro (MRC Hutchinson Laboratory)

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