Finding study spaces in Easter Term 2018

by Wolfson Library

During Easter term, the desks at the Wolfson Library fill up early in the day. Here is the library's desk-policy for the Easter term and ways of finding other study spaces around Cambridge.

Charlie Barty-King in the Lee Library


  • To make the most of library desk space, and in the spirit of Wolfson collegiality and respect, you may leave your things on desks on the library only if you expect to be back within an hour (e.g., you leave for a meal or short break). If you do not expectto be back within an hour, you must clear your belongings to the table at the front of the library or to one of the lost-property shelves. That way, your belongings will be there when you next return, but the desk will be free for another student. We will have slips (pink) to indicate that you are gone for just the hour. Please do not ‘game’ the slips by putting false leaving times, as this creates huge stress and frustration for other students. Library staff who notice belongings on a desk for longer than an hour will clear them to the table at the front (as can other waiting students). We also ask, please, that if use the library regularly, you choose a different desk each day, so as to increase the options available for everyone. This policy applies to both the first-floor and ground-floor reading rooms. There will be signs in the library explaining the policy, and you can send questions or comments to library [at]
  • To create additional study space in college during Easter term, the Roger Needham Room will be open from 13.00 to 18.00, Monday to Friday, from 23 April to 15 June. The exceptions are 24-28 May, when the space will be in the Gatsby Room. We ask please that you keep the study space silent and respect others by not leaving your things in the room overnight.
  • There are also desks in the Lee Room overlooking the college grounds which have nice natural light. Because this is a common room, others are allowed to talk here.
  • Finally, to find additional study space around Cambridge in libraries and cafes, use the Spacefinder site, which allows you to search for the perfect study space for you based on noise levels, natural light, and proximity to your current location. And it works great on both laptops and mobile devices!

As always, do please let the library know if you have any questions or concerns.

Best of luck with your studying!