Directorial debut for Wolfson student and writer Jonathan Chan

Second-year English undergraduate is directing the first-ever Malaysian play ever to be staged as a main performance under the aegis of the ADC.

Jonathan Chan and Atomic Jaya poster

Atomic Jaya is only the second southeast Asian and first Malaysian play ever to be staged as a main show under the aegis of the ADC. It will be performed from 5-9 March at St. Edmund’s Passage by the Cambridge University Amateur Dramatic Club. Jonathan is co-directing the play with fellow English student Shameera Lin.

Atomic Jaya

Bombs, bombs, bombs!

The play, which was written by the Singaporean-Malaysian director and actor, Huzir Sulaiman, features physicist Mary Yuen, who is recruited for a top-secret national project in Malaysia by the ambitious General Zulkifli. Her mission: building southeast Asia's first atomic bomb. The catch: there is no legal way for them to obtain uranium.

As Mary collides with one wacky character after another, from a shady uranium smuggler to an army general with a Napoleon complex, the political satire takes on racial issues, national hubris and the post-colonial hangover present in contemporary Malaysia. It was designed as a one-man show, with one actor playing all 16 parts.

Tickets for the show are available on the ADC website.