Plant society at Fulbourn Fen

Plant Society

For botanists, plant scientists, gardeners and wildflower enthusiasts, the plant society explores the horticultural and botanical treasures of our fair green city.

Plant society at Fulbourn Fen

Now in its third year, the Plant Society promotes plants and plant science.

We are a group of members of the College fascinated about the diversity of plants and passionate to learn about them. With this society we look to promote interest on botany, plant sciences, plant diversity, natural history and uses of plants. The Wolfson Plant Society aims to meet a few times a term to promote knowledge, understanding and appreciation of plant life.

We regularly walk the Wolfson Gardens in the expert company of Head Gardener Phil Stigwood, visit the Botanic Gardens, and attend events and special workshops such as the annual Orchid Show.

In 2018, we also went on an orchid hunt to Fulbourn Fen, a beautiful nature reserve managed by the Wildlife Trust. We will continue our exploration of wild plants around Cambridge soon host a Tree Party to support local initiatives for wildlife conservation in the region.

If you would like to get involved with the Plant Society, join our Facebook Group.