Dr China Halabi lunchtime lecture

Lunchtime Seminars

An informal lunchtime seminar series is held most Wednesdays of Full Term in the Combination Room, with complimentary coffee and biscuits.

Dr China Halabi lunchtime lecture

The series is designed to enable and encourage students and other members of Wolfson to speak in an informal setting about their research.  Participants can bring in their trays and have lunch during the talks, and we encourage friendly debate over coffee.

Seminar topics are invited across all academic disciplines. College members who are interested in presenting and or in helping the lunchtime team with the organisation, planning and chairing of sessions can email the current organisers.

There is always something for everyone at the LTS. To ensure a variety of topics we welcome speakers from within Wolfson including Fellows, Junior Research Fellows, Senior Members and CRAs.  Also don't be shy if  you are a PhD Candidate who would like to share your own dissertation 
subject - it is good practice for a PhD viva!

What's on

Humanities Society - Profitable Labour? Learning Disability & Labour Markets in Modern Britain

20/11/2018 at 17.45

In 1913, British policymakers brought into being an infrastructure of ‘care’ and confinement aimed at those they termed ‘mentally deficient’. The language changed across the later twentieth century, but historians have still associated what might now be termed cognitive or learning disability with stigma and segregation. Their focus has been the institutions of ‘care’ – asylums, colonies, special schools – which medicalised and disenfranchised the ‘cared for’.

From nuclear transfer to prospects for cell replacement therapy: The origins and future of pluripotency and cellular reprogramming

23/11/2018 at 17.45
Professor Sir John Gurdon

The different cell types that compose our bodies are remarkably stable. Hardly ever do we find skin cells in the brain or liver cells in the heart. In those very special cases where some regeneration can take place in vertebrates, there is little if any evidence for a switch in cell-type. Nevertheless, nuclear transfer, cell fusion, and induced pluripotency can result in pluripotent embryo cells being derived from specialized adult cells.

Humanities Society - The Anglosphere Tradition in British Politics

27/11/2018 at 17.45

One of the most striking features of the debates that led up to Brexit is the revival of the notion of a union of the English-speaking peoples, an idea closely associated with the proponents of ‘Global Britain’. In this talk, Michael Kenny sketches the broader lineage of thinking from which this idea emanates, beginning with the ideas of ‘Greater Britain’ that emerged in the late nineteenth century and encompassing the idea of the Commonwealth, which figured prominently during debates about the UK’s decision to join the European Economic Community.