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Getting Started

Just arrived and not sure how to pay for food or get on the wifi? Look no further!

Welcome to Wolfson College! We hope that you will feel at home here very soon. To find out what some of our current members think about Wolfson, watch Wolfson In One Word (the film is playing silently on this page if you hover over it).

This webpage focuses on some of the most essential information that you will need to settle into life at Wolfson. More information will be added as we near the start of term and we will upload as many presentations as possible after Induction morning (6th October). There a wealth of additional information on the College website, but this page will remain to act as a reference point throughout the academic year.


Pre-arrival set up of University Account and online Student Registration

You may set up your University Account and complete online Student Registration as soon as you receive the email with instructions.  This will have been sent by the Student Registry to your personal email address in late August or early September.  Answers to queries about the process, can be found on the New Students pages.

After completing registration you will be prompted to retrieve your CRSID  (also referred to as your Raven ID) and log-in information.   This gives you access to:

  • your @cam email account.  It is essential to check this email account regularly, as all College and University communications will be directed to this address.  Departments, Faculties and instructors will be writing you at this address from the first week of October.  All students are expected to monitor and respond promptly to messages sent to their @cam account.
  • Your Microsoft Exchange Online email account
  • any Raven-protected resources and course materials provided by Departments and Faculties through intranets and the Moodle Virtual Learning Environment (VLE).
  • many of the University Library’s online resources.

If you have any questions about setting up your online email account, please see information on IT for New Starters.

Arriving in the UK

The University’s International Student Office can assist you with any visa questions that arise, both before and after you arrive. Contact International Student team at once with any concerns you may have. Students attempting to enter the country without a valid visa will be immediately deported, as will students who allow their visa to expire.  Note that even if you have a valid visa sponsored by another UK university, UK employer or prior Cambridge course, you will still need to apply for a new visa in order to take up your new course at Cambridge.  You must keep the College tutorial office informed of the status of any such application. 

The University provides further information for International Students about what to do before and when you arrive.

For students who have recently completed a course at Cambridge or another UK institution

Please read this document:

For students who have applied for their Tier 4 visa from outside the UK and have a 30-day entry vignette in their passport

If this applies to you, please read through this information carefully. If you are eligible to apply for your Tier 4 visa inside the UK, this information is not relevant to your circumstances.

Arriving in College

There is detailed information about how to get to Cambridge by bus, train, car and plane on the college's Find Us page.

**Please note that there is a full weekend closure of the A14 eastbound between Junction 26 for St Ives and Junction 29 for Bar Hill from 10pm Friday 4th October to 5am Monday 7th October. If you are travelling from the North/Midlands, the diversion for this closure is to use the A1198 southbound and then A428 eastbound to continue towards Cambridge.**

  • The main access to the College is from Barton Road and the car park is situated at that entrance. Visitors are allowed to use the car park for a short stay, please report into the Porters ‘Lodge. Students are not permitted to bring cars to Cambridge, please read the conditions. An exception may be made via your College Tutor and with consent from the Senior Tutor, (you may need to provide additional supporting evidence).
  • All bicycles must be registered at the Porters’ Lodge; the Porters will mark your bike with a number. Bicycle racks are provided around the perimeter of the College and bicycles left there should always be locked. Students are asked not to park their bicycles in a designated area outside the front gate for visitors, nor the shed reserved for staff cycles. If you are new to cycling or the UK please visit this website for helpful hints and training opportunities.
  • Pedestrians may arrive from Grange Road, at the front of college, or via Selwyn Gardens (back gate), a turning off Grange Road. This is convenient for the centre of town, the University departments on Sidgwick Avenue, and the University Library. It is also the delivery entrance of the College. The gates are locked at 18:00 so you will need your University card to gain access after that time.

WCSA (Wolfson College Students' Association) has produced an annotated map of the city so that you know where to go when you're ready to explore Cambridge:

Things to do when you arrive

The college site plan will help until you learn your way around.

Head first to the Porters’ Lodge to collect your University Card and a welcome letter with a checklist of tasks to complete during your first two weeks in Cambridge by visiting the Tutorial Office (Bredon House, First floor, Rooms 4 & 5). If you have booked College accommodation, you will also pick up your room keys here.  Our friendly Porters provide information and help on many practical matters, including key issue, security, first aid, mail, messages, bicycles, car parking, etc. and will be able to answer most questions you may have, or direct you to the person in College who can.  Porters are on duty around the clock, but the Lodge may be closed between midnight and 5:00am.  

Head next to the Tutorial Office, Rooms 4, 5 and 9 in Bredon House to pick up your Freshers’ Welcome Pack and present your identification documents for scanning. The Tutorial Office is at the heart of the College’s support for students, managing everything from admissions to matriculation, from travel grants to academic prizes, examinations to graduation ceremonies. It is open 9:00-17:00, Monday to Friday, and also 10:00-16:00 on Saturday 5 October. Our friendly, capable staff—Rajashree Dhanaraj (Tutorial Office Manager), Kim Allen (Postgraduate Administrator), Debbie Miles (Undergraduate Administrator) and Emma Faid (Tutorial Administrator) –  will be happy to answer any questions you may have about College life, tutorial support and University bureaucracy.

What you need to bring to the Tutorial Office for scanning and recording within the first week of term:

If you are a/an: Bring the following original documents (copies or scans are not accepted):
UK national

EITHER a valid passport OR a full birth/adoption certificate issued in the UK, Channel Islands, Isle of Man of Ireland; OR a current photo-card driving licence (full or provisional), issued in the UK or Ireland, and confirms the holder was born within the EEA; OR a Deed of change of name; OR a certificate of naturalisation or registration as a British Citizen

EEA or Swiss national

EITHER a valid passport, OR a current National Identity card issued by an EEA country, OR a Registration Certificate, Permanent Residence card OR other document certifying permanent residence issued by the UK Home Office

non-EEA national

A valid passport and your Tier 4 Biometric Residence Permit (BRP).  Your visa must be sponsored by the University of Cambridge for the particular course you are undertaking this year.

Undergraduate Certificates confirming all examination and/or course results required to meet your offer of admission  (e.g. GCSE, A-levels, results of prior FE or HE study)

Please use this checklist to make sure that you have completed all forms and returned them to the correct department.

In particular, please can we draw your attention to:

Registering your term time address

You must register your term-time address on CamSIS.This is Cambridge’s system for handling student information, records and transactions. It is the official repository of your record from application all the way through to graduation. Please note that although you may have received your Raven ID and Password you will not be able to access your Self Service account until the start date of your first term. When you are able to login, please follow these instructions to register your address:

Letting us know your next of kin

Please fill this in to register your next of kin/person to contact in case of emergency. These details will be stored by the Tutorial Office.

Setting up a bank account

If you want to open a bank account, you will probably need a letter from the college to provide proof of address and attendance at the University. Please fill in this form, put it in the Tutorial pigeonhole (by the Porters’ Lodge). It will take 48 hours (Monday to Friday) for the letter to be produced.

Registering with a doctor and medical advice

At this busy time in your life, it is important to remember that doing something other than work (which is hopefully fun!) is important for your physical and mental health, even when you're a time-poor student.

When you arrive, please find  time to register with a local family doctor/GP. Do this as soon possible and let the tutorial office know by returning their form to them. If you need any help with this, or any other matter while you're a student, drop in to the College Nurse clinic.

Fill in this form when you have registered:

Police Registration

If you are from one of the following countries and your stay is for longer than six months, UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) requires you to register with the police within 7 days of your arrival in the UK:

Afghanistan, Algeria, Argentina, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Belarus, Bolivia, Brazil, China, Colombia, Cuba, Egypt, Georgia, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kirgizstan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Moldova, Morocco, North Korea, Oman, Palestine, Peru, Qatar, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Syria, Tajikistan, Tunisia, Turkey, Turkmenistan, United Arab Emirates, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Yemen.

Detailed information about the registration process is available online. Note that there may be delays; keep your original email request as proof that you have attempted to complete the process within the requisite 7 days.

Induction timetable

Induction Weekend activities are intended to introduce you to College and University life and – just as importantly – to other students. The Tutorial Office will be open on Saturday from 10am-4pm: please come by to introduce yourself, pick up your Welcome Packs and have your documents scanned. The Wolfson College Student Association (always referred to as WCSA, pronounced ‘wuksah’) is busy planning a lively programme of activities:  College tours, a scavenger hunt, outdoor games, a pub quiz, a ‘Freshers’ Mingle’ and lots of tea with biscuits are in the works for Saturday and Sunday afternoon.  See this programme for more details:

Please note: 

ALL NEW STUDENTS - both undergraduates and postgraduates:

You are required to attend the induction sessions scheduled on Sunday, 6 October, from 10:00 until 16:30.   The Sunday morning sessions will include introductions to key members of College staff and WCSA, discussions of College and Academic life, and - at 12 pm - a group matriculation photo. In the afternoon we will offer a series of short workshops led by Tutors and students to help you make the most of your Cambridge experience. You will also meet your Tutor for the first time that afternoon.  These are important sessions because they will give you the opportunity to put faces to the names of College members and others who will play a significant role in your College life.  Please notify Ms Rajashree Dhanaraj if you are unable to be in College for the Induction Weekend.


The College will hold an early induction programme for new undergraduates from 17:30 on Thursday, 3 October, and all day on Friday, 4 October. All undergraduates starting their first degree should attend all sessions; all other undergraduates are very welcome to participate.  Thursday evening activities include a meeting with the President and Senior Tutor, followed by Freshers’ Dinner and Informal Drinks in the Club Room.  Friday activities begin with coffee and pastries at 9:30, followed by a series of workshops that intended both to help you make a successful transition to University study and to help you begin making connections with one another. Initial meetings with Directors of Studies will also be scheduled for most new undergraduates on Friday or, in some cases, during the following week. A detailed schedule is available above.

Presentations from Sunday induction sessions


Wolfson College Students' Association

The Wolfson College Students' Association (WCSA) is the official student body of Wolfson College.

WCSA is the first port of call for most students. We provide many opportunities to get involved in college life, from socialising activities, to clubs and societies, to representing the student voice in high-level college meetings. Any Wolfson student can stand for election (dates below) to become an official student representative.

The WCSA Officers (ie. the student reps) help shape the life for all students at Wolfson College. The best way to make the changes you want to see, or to organise activities, or to set up your own society - or whatever you want really - is through WCSA!

Most of the opportunities available will be introduced to you in the first days/weeks after you arrive. However, we would like to draw your attention to applications for Music scholarships (choir accompanist and up to seven choral scholars), as auditions take place during the first week of term.

If you ever have suggestions or feedback, or have an event, society, idea, or something you feel you could do well, we encourage you to take charge of it and use WCSA as an enabler to getting started or making that change — the money is here, as are the people who can help you, all we need is the drive from the student body to get engaged!

Without a doubt, the most important student representatives that will impact your college life are the WCSA Entertainment Officers (“Ents” for short). They are the social secretaries and are responsible for organising all social activities, events and the general good vibes for Wolfson students. If you, or indeed you and your friends, feel you could do a better job than you are getting, we implore you to get involved! The more people doing it, and the more those people feel they can do a better job than the last, the better the good times for all.

And we do love some good times: check out the induction schedule online or in your Welcome Packs to see what's on in the coming Wolfson Freshers' Week 2019. Don't miss the ice-breaker speed-friending on Friday 4 Oct, our famous stand-up comedy night "Wolfson's Howler" on Monday 7 October, the Grange Road inter-college bar crawl on Wednesday 9 October, or your first (super)Bop on Friday 11 October — all in the Club Room. There are many other events, but these are certainly the ones not to miss ;).

WCSA elections are held a few weeks into Michaelmas term. We encourage prospective WCSA officers to enquire as soon as they feel comfortable. You can nominate yourself for a WCSA position between Mon 28th Oct to Wed 6th Nov -  voting opens Saturday 9 November and closes Monday 11 November.

Have a fantastic time while here at Wolfson, and in Cambridge, and we wish you the best of luck with everything you encounter from friends to work to night outs!

Check our website for further information.


Your lease (also known as a ‘license’) for your College room (if you have booked one) begins on Saturday,  5 October. If you need to arrive before the 5th  you MUST contact Jo Fisher, the College Accommodation Manager to request additional nights in College accommodation.  Students attending the Undergraduate Induction will need to pre-book at least 2 extra nights of accommodation, as the first induction session begins on Thursday, 3 October, at 5:30 pm. Postgraduates or Graduate Medics (whose courses have an early start date) may also need to request additional nights of accommodation.  Rooms are only available after 2 pm on the day booked for your arrival, but our café offers a comfortable place to read, wait and chat with the Wolfson College Student Association (WCSA) volunteers,  who will be staffing the Welcome Desk in the College Club Room on  on 2, 3, 4 and 5 October.

Comprehensive information about College accommodation may be found on the college website.


The college operates a cashless payment system to pay for meals in the College dining hall. We only accept cashless payments and credit/debit cards: no cash!

In order to make cashless payments, you will need to set up a UPay account.  All members have an account on the UPay system;  your University ID card will be linked with your UPay account before you arrive.  Once you have your Raven ID you can set up your account to make cashless payments.

Recognising that some students may not yet have a debit or credit card, the College has programmed your University card with a temporary overdraft that you may use to purchase food (up to a maximum of £150) until 30 October 2019. After this date any amounts charged against the overdraft will be transferred to your College Account and you will need to pay them off by 9 November 2019.

For information about cafeteria opening times and menus, please see the Food web pages.

Medical Advice

College Nurse

Sally Maccallum is the College Nurse. You'll find her clinic at Morrison House, which is the building near the flag pole. Look for the white door, under the fire escape. You don’t need an appointment and if the clinic times don't suit, get in touch with Sally to schedule a time outside clinic times.

The clinic is open Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday from 11:00-12:00, and Thursday from 10:00-12:00 & 15:00-16:00.


Self-care is the best choice to treat minor illnesses, ailments and injuries. A range of common illnesses and complaints, such as coughs and colds, sore throats, upset stomachs, and aches and pains can be treated with a well-stocked medicine cabinet and plenty of rest.


You may also find these documents useful:

More information is available on the Health and Wellbeing page.



Payment for the full course fee and the first term’s rent (where applicable) is due not later than 22 October.  Bills will be emailed to you not later than 8 October. If you expect to have any difficulties in paying your bill by the 22, contact your College Tutor immediately (the name and email of your Tutor is in your Welcome Letter at the Porter’s Lodge).   Students who are unable to pay their course fees may be withdrawn from their course.  Detailed information about the process for paying your College bill is available in your Welcome Pack. 

Please read this document for detailed information about how to do this in person or online:

More information on payment of fees and our most Frequently Asked Questions are on the Finance webpages.


Students can, for whatever reason, find the transition to University challenging and leave them feeling overwhelmed. If this is the case there are various forms of support available in College and in the University, including the College Counsellor and the University Counselling Service. The college has a webpage outlining mental health support options that are available to you. This leaflet on transitioning to university may also be of interest:

During FULL TERM the Tutors will usually be available in their rooms to see students at the times listed below. At these times there is no need to make an appointment. Tutors will also be available at other times during FULL TERM and also during vacations, providing an appointment is made.
N.B. In case of EMERGENCY students can contact their own Tutor via the Porters’ Lodge: (3)35900.


Wolfson has hundreds of wifi points, fast internet and expert IT provision to give students access to a range of digital tools essential for University life. The IT Department is located in the Jack King Building.

University Computer Account

Access will be made available to Undergraduates and Graduates as follows:

  • New Undergraduate students will be able to complete the Student Registration and Account Set Up process from the end of August (once their place has been confirmed)
  • New Graduate students will be able to complete the Student Registration and Account Set Up process from early-mid August (once their place has been confirmed)

Students will have access to the following services, once they have completed the process above:

  • their MS exchange email (ExOL) email account
  • any specific Raven-protected resources and course materials provided by their college and department (the college or department will need to complete any relevant set up activity in order to facilitate this)
  • some of the University Library’s online resources.

Helpful leaflets can be found on the University Information Services page for new starters

Students will have access to the following services, once they have completed the process above:

  • their MS exchange email (ExOL) email account
  • any specific Raven-protected resources and course materials provided by their college and department (the college or department will need to complete any relevant set up activity in order to facilitate this)
  • some of the University Library’s online resources.

Getting online in Wolfson

To start using our speedy and reliable WiFi, follow the instructions on the IT webpagesThere is also a computer room, with printers, on the ground floor of the Library. You will need your University Card to get into the room.More information about IT support is available online


Wolfson Library, which you may also find referred to as the Lee Library, is on the east side of the college.

Read on or watch these videos to find out more:

  • Using the library (with audio) -  an introduction to our services and facilities (you can also see it on this page by hovering over the image on the left)
  • Finding and borrowing books (with audio) - using iDiscover, how to borrow, recall and return books.

It is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (apart from Christmas Day and New Year's Day) and staffed 9:00-17:00 Monday to Friday. You need your Cambridge card to get into the rooms. You can bring drinks and cold food into the library; we have a kettle in the foyer, a fridge, coffee machine and water cooler in the basement.

The Reading Room is upstairs and contains well-equipped study spaces, our book collections, the borrowing machine and returns box. Meg Westbury, the Librarian, has her office here too. Laura Jeffrey, the Academic Skills Librarian is based in the Sir David Williams Room, a study space on the ground floor. Please do drop into to see them if you have any questions about access to resources, but also how to use them effectively, manage references and data, take notes, read critically, manage your time, publish your research or other aspects of academic skills.Come and see us for a tour at the start of term or drop in whenever is convenient to find out how the library can support your studies. In the meantime, have a look at our web pages.

To help you prepare for life at university the University Libraries have created CamGuides - one resource for Undergraduates and another for Master's. The two distinct resources are tailored to particular levels of study and answer key questions you may have before starting your course and throughout the first term.

CamGuides information and digital essentials



Welcome to Wolfson!

The Communications Office at Wolfson College manages the College website, social media, digital and print communications. I am the Communications Manager Fiona Gilsenan and I work closely with WCSA to promote and support their communications as well. Here’s a quick guide to College comms.

We are Social You can find the College on the following platforms. The wonderful Lee Library is on social media too.

Wolfson social media

Now that you are a Cambridge University student, your own social media accounts may be more likely to attract attention, so adjust your privacy settings if needed and, as always, think before you post.

SNAP! I am often running around with a camera, phone or video camera and I post photos and videos on our website, social media and Flickr account. Don’t want your photo taken? Just let me know.

Our Website The website is regularly updated with news, events and the ever-popular cafeteria menus. If you can’t find something by searching, or if you find a broken link, please email communications@wolfson.cam.ac.uk

Events We have a packed programme of events at Wolfson. During Term I send out a This Week at Wolfson email  with WCSA every Monday to let you know what’s happening during the upcoming 7 days (and nights). If you don’t receive it automatically, you can subscribe at this link.

Your NewsI love to write about our students. If you’ve published a paper, done some interesting fieldwork, are
presenting at a conference, performing in a play or concert, or anything else of interest please let me know so I can promote it. We also have a lively sporting culture here at Wolfson, so let me know if you are competing at Collegiate or Varsity level. Our alumni and members really enjoy reading about the successes of our students. You can always reach me at communications@wolfson.cam.ac.uk. I look forward to getting to know you this year!

College contacts and useful links

College contacts

If you are not sure who to contact, please call the Porters' Lodge on 01223 335900. If your call is urgent and you are unable to get an answer on this number, please call  07774 017556 in an emergency.

If you wish to contact a specific member of college staff, please see the list below:

Helpful information for new students