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Find information about matriculation, registration, getting your University card, and registering with a doctor.

Part time students
Moving into College accommodation

If you are living in College accommodation rooms are available from 14:00 on the day you have booked arrival. You get your keys from the Porters' Lodge. Our friendly Porters provide information and help on many practical matters, including key issue, security, first aid, mail, messages, bicycles, car parking, etc. and will be able to answer most questions you may have, or direct you to the person in College who can. Porters are on duty around the clock, but the Lodge may be closed between midnight and 05.00. 

There is detailed information about how to get to Cambridge by bus, train, car and plane on the College's Find Us page.

  • The main access to the College is from Barton Road and the car park is situated at that entrance. Visitors are allowed to use the car park for a short stay; please report to the Porters' Lodge. Students are not permitted to bring cars to Cambridge, please read the conditions. An exception may be made via your College Tutor and with consent from the Senior Tutor (you may need to provide additional supporting evidence).
  • All bicycles must be registered at the Porters’ Lodge; the Porters will ask you to mark your bike with a number. Bicycle racks are provided around the perimeter of the College and bicycles left there should always be locked. Students are asked not to park their bicycles in the designated areas for visitors adjacent to the flagpole, nor the shed reserved for staff cycles. Bicycles, scooters, hoverboards, powerboards etc. are not allowed in the Front, East or West Courts; please do not ride or leave them in any of the other courts. If you are new to cycling or the UK please visit this website for helpful hints and training opportunities.
How do I register and get my University card?

If you are an Easter term starter, please visit the Tutorial Office upstairs in Bredon House to collect your card and complete registration.

Food in College

Information on College food, including timetables for the Coffee Bar and Cafeteria, Menus, Formal Hall and payment can be on the Food webpages

I need a letter for my bank / to confirm I'm a student for other reasons

Setting up a bank account

If you want to open a bank account, you will probably need a letter from the college to provide proof of address and attendance at the University. Please fill in this online form. 

Guide to banks in Cambridge

Request for banking letter                                                                                                

Requesting a letter for other reasons

Please complete this form if you need letters for Council Tax Exemption, Student Certification or to register with the GP.  Alternatively, for the purposes of registering at Newnham Walk surgery, proof of College residency can simply be a copy of the email sent from Jo Fisher, Wolfson Accommodation Officer, on receipt of your signed licence agreement. This has been confirmed with both the Wolfson Accommodation Officer and Newnham Walk Surgery Office Manager.

Kindly note that all requests for letters will be dealt within 4 working days.

How do I register with a doctor?

If you are living in Cambridge, please ensure you are registered with a Cambridge GP (General Practitioner/family doctor). The University strongly advises you do this as soon as possible on arrival. You are expected to register with a GP even if you do not expect to use GP services. The nearest GP Practice is Newnham Walk Surgery. If you have yet to do so, you can register online here: To complete your registration, please ensure you send all the necessary forms to including:

  • copy of photo ID, e.g. passport or driving licence, and
  • copy of proof of address, e.g. proof of college residency or utility bill or bank statement

If you would rather register with a GP elsewhere in Cambridge or would prefer not to register locally while residing in Cambridge, please read on.

Why register with a local doctor (GP or General practitioner)?

As a student residing in Cambridge, you can choose to register with any local GP.  Details of how to register with a GP are on the NHS website together with contact details of all other Cambridge GPs.  

You should register with a Cambridge GP as soon as you can, that way you can receive emergency care if you need it and access health services quickly and easily while you're at University. This is especially important if you have an ongoing health condition, such as asthma, or problems with your mental health.

Cambridge GPs are experienced in dealing with students, and working with the University and Colleges. This is very important if you are ill in the lead up to, or during your examinations as you may need special exam arrangements or allowances and this may require medical evidence from a GP. 

A visit to A&E is for life or limb-threatening injuries only so for most medical problems, the first port of call is your GP. Outside normal working hours, contact NHS111 or your GP’s telephone number and you will be put through to the out of hours GP service. So if students do not register, this has a negative impact on local GP funding and provision of normal medical services and supplies.

Although students are not permitted to register with both a Cambridge GP and one at home, you can register in Cambridge in Term time and see your home GP during the vacations by completing a temporary resident form. When required, Cambridge GPs are used to liaising with other Practices and Hospitals across the country and to sharing student records. If you need them, hospital appointments should not be affected as you can elect to be seen at any hospital.

Further information

When is matriculation?

Matriculation is an important step, which is completed online. You will be emailed instructions on how to do this in the first week of term. Please make sure you check your CRSid (@cam) email inbox. 


Watch this short tour of the College to get a sense of the place that will soon be your home from home!

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