tools on tidy workbench


The Maintenance Department looks after all College building-related needs, from maintenance on the properties to refurbishments and new builds.

tools on tidy workbench

The Maintenance Department at Wolfson College

The Department office is located by H block and the Gym. The team is headed by Clerk of Works Neil Newman and his assistant David Rivers

The Wolfson college Maintenance team members always wear a uniform, so you should be able to recognise them easily. All of the team also have University Photo ID badges, so if you have concerns please ask to see these.

Please complete the maintenance request form if you spot something that needs fixing - whether it is in your room or in a public area of the College. 

Planned Works

We endeavour to provide a week's notice to planned works that require entry to student rooms and will always give 24 hours notice, unless acting on an emergency or via a maintenance job request where it is necessary to address the problem more quickly.

Maintenance request works

The maintenance email system is tracked. You will receive an automatic response to your request, and you should receive a further email when the defect has been fixed. If repairs are held up you should receive an email explaining this within three working days of your report. If you receive no such responses after three working days, you may escalate the issue to the Assistant Clerk Of Works. Once you receive the email reporting that the defect has been fixed, your report is considered closed. If, after that, the defect has not been remedied, or it reappears, please report it again through the same maintenance request form.


In the Maintenance Department we are very keen to support the Sustainability Committee in their work to reduce the impact of our site on the environment. To help with this, please remember to turn lights off when leaving a room and turn heating valves down to an appropriate level. We are always happy to show you how the systems work to make sure your stay at Wolfson is sustainable.