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Alumni Benefits

As alumni of Wolfson, you are College Members for life and are entitled to a range of benefits from both the College and the University.

Alumni reunion_18

Dining Rights

Alumni are welcome to come for informal meals in the Dining Hall at their own expense. Guest cards can be purchased from the machine at the Porter's Lodge.

In addition, members may use our newly refurbished Bar and Club Room where they will be able to enjoy a drink or a selection of coffees and cakes.

Members can also attend Formal Halls and Guest Night. See the full list of Formal Halls for 2018-2019 as well as guidelines, customs and rules of our Formall Halls for more details about these special events. Please make your Formal Hall bookings online by 12 noon the day before.


Alumni and therefore lifetime Members of the College are able to book guest rooms for themselves and/or guests. The Chancellor's Centre is our conference accommodation offering double en-suite rooms more like a hotel than the student residential rooms. Bedding and towels are provided along with complimentary toiletries on arrival. There are also tea making facilities and mini-fridges in all rooms.

Out of term, it may be possible to book a single student room depending on availability. Bedding and towels are provided but there are no tea trays in single rooms. Please note that Wolfson does not offer accommodation to under 18s whether or not accompanied by an adult.

Current costs for the academic year 2018-19 are £65.28 for a double room and £35.48 for a single room. Room charges include VAT and are for room only. Meals can be bought from the cafeteria which, although cashless, accepts debit and credit card payments.

Please complete the form here to request a booking.

Visiting Wolfson

Members are welcome to use the Bar and Club Room, the Karen Spärck Jones Room, the Lee Room, the Dining Hall and walk through our lovely gardens.

University benefits


The CAMCard is issued free to all alumni who have matriculated and studied at Cambridge, and it grants privileges and discounts to alumni when visiting Cambridge. The card provides membership to The University Centre and entitles you to discounts from Cambridge University Press, local hotels, restaurants and more. It also allows you and up to three guests to visit Colleges open to visitors without paying an entrance fee.

If you don't currently have a CAMCard and wish to receive one, you can request one online.

Email for life

Alumni can also sign up for, the University's email for life service.

Other benefits

Alumni can also use the University's Careers Service, access the University Library for free or get a discount on membership fees at the University Sports Centre. For a more detailed list of University benefits please visit the University website


What's on

NASA, ESA, Martin Kornmesser (ESA/Hubble)

Science Society Lecture - My part in the discovery of the black hole in Cygnus X-1

22/02/2019 at 17.45

Professor Paul Murdin will talk about his role in the discovery of the source of celestial X-rays in the constellation Cygnus.

Music @ Wolfson

Music & Madeira

22/02/2019 at 21.00

Recital in the Lee Hall following Formal Hall

Humanities at Wolfson

Humanities Society - The restitution of Nazi-looted art in post-fascist Austria, Italy and West Germany

26/02/2019 at 17.45

Can we indeed talk of a ‘fifty-year wait for justice’, and how did restitution practices, or lack thereof, contribute to the reconstruction of these national communities?

workers with palm fronds making baskets

Lunchtime Seminar - Towards a socially conscious evolutionary science of culture

27/02/2019 at 13.00

Attempts to apply evolutionary models and thinking to human societies have a dark past, ranging from Darwin's own characterisation of 'civilised' versus 'savage' races, to social Darwinism and eugenics, and the more recent efforts of some evolutionary psychologists to naturalise oppressive social stereotypes.

Australia with soldiers and aboriginal children

Education Society - Negotiating Education

28/02/2019 at 17.30

The First School for Aboriginal Children and the Diplomatic World of Colonial New South Wales, 1814-1822