Wolfson alumnus receives award for best doctoral thesis in Biology

Dr Kwaku Aduse-Poku

We congratulate Wolfson alumnus Dr Kwaku Aduse-Poku who was awarded the Dr John C Marsden Medal of the Linnean Society.

Dr Kwaku Aduse-Poku

The Medal was awarded on 24 May, just four days after his graduation ceremony here in Cambridge. This medal is awarded for the best doctoral thesis in biology examined during a single academic year in the UK. Kwaku’s PhD thesis was titled ‘Adaptive Radiation of Mycalesine Butterflies in the old world tropics’.

Kwaku is currently a Post-doctoral Research Fellow in the Lohman Laboratory, City College of New York, City University of New York, where the work of the laboratory focuses on the ecology, evolution, biogeography, and conservation of butterflies and other organisms in Southeast Asia. Read more on the work of this laboratory.

There is more about the Dr John C Marsden Award and the application process on the Linnean Society website.