Three crews rowing in Lent Bumps

Best of luck to the Wolfson College Boat Club M1, W1 and M2 crews.

Lent Bumps 2018

Lent Bumps 2020 Men’s 1st VIII (M1)

M1, racing in 5th place in the M2 division on Tuesday at 16.40. Come and cheer them on!

Capably coxed and whipped into shape by Co-Men’s Captain Michael Donnelly, a former trialist for CUR, M1 is poised for their first bumps campaign of the year. M1 features four strong novices who picked up their first oars only in October, but have fully committed to the Wolfson way of rowing. Also in the crew are two members of last year’s Mays M1: Club Captain Harry Michalakakis and Co-Men’s Captain Jonas Wilcks. Liam Martin joins Wolfson after rowing at Churchill College Boat Club for three years as an experienced bumps strokeman. Rob Lake stroked the legendary Mays 2018 M2 that went up 8 spots with a double overbump, a crew of which Harry and Jonas were also members. After leaving Wolfson for a year after graduating he has found his way back to WCBC, and will bring some experience to the boat. 

M1 will give chase to Selwyn on the first day of bumps in 5th position of Division 2. If they perform very well there is a chance that they will enter division 1.

M1 Lent Bumps

Lent Bumps 2020 Women’s 1st VIII (W1)

Racing in 13th place in the W2 division on Tuesday at 16.00. Come along and give them a cheer!

Women’s Captain Anastasia Watson strokes a crew with six novices who had never been in a boat before October and whom she coached together with Co-Men’s Captain Jonas Wilcks last term. Though they are not the most experienced W1 crew out there, their performance in recent races proves that their pure wattage output should make a crew to watch for this year's Lent Bumps.

Novice cox Tierney Lee has made an impact on the Cam with his brave steering, daring overtakes and sheer will to push his crew to do the best they can. We expect this will pay off with some sharp corners in Bumps to help steer the crew to success. Meanwhile, Anastasia’s previous successes, having won blades in Mays 2018, means she will be determined to stroke her crew to a strong start this Lent campaign, with W1’s sights set on getting their bowball past Magdalene W1 on Tuesday 25 February.

W1 Lent Bumps

Lent Bumps 2020 Men’s 2nd VIII (M2)

Racing in the M4 (and hopefully M3) division on Tuesday at 14.00 (and 15.20). Come cheer them up to M3!

Since not qualifying in the 2017 Lent Bumps, our M2 has been back with a vengeance in the colder edition of the Bumps, becoming a force to be reckoned with in the lower divisions. This year they hope to become the first Wolfson M2 boat to ascend into Division 3 of Lent Bumps. Very experienced stroke Ted Holland brings invaluable experience from his days rowing at Princeton, competing at national levels. Led by Ted, the five novice rowers and novice cox are eager to show off the power they have been building on the ergs back in college and follow his lead.

The boat also has last year’s Mays M2 strokeman, Julian Siebert, who was thought to be lost to Stanford in his pursuit of a PhD, but in a heroic act he has returned to make things right on the Cam. M2 qualified and regained their position of last year through the Getting-On race last Friday.

M2 Lent Bumps