'Practice' grenade found in President's garden

by Fiona Gilsenan

The Lee Library and surrounding areas were cordoned off today for several hours as the police were called in to investigate a suspected hand grenade found in the grounds. 

'Pineapple' grenade, rusted, WW2

Discovered by Deputy Head Gardener Helen Cripps, the device was lying on the ground in the garden outside the President's Lodge. The Porters immediately cordoned off the area and cleared the adjacent buildings, including the library and some of the administrative offices.

Police arrived quickly on the scene and kept it secure until an ordnance expert arrived and inspected the device. It was quickly determined that it was a so-called 'practice' grenade that contained no explosive material. 

Wolfson Bursar Christopher Lawrence said, "Thanks to the quick actions of the gardening staff and Porters, the matter was handled immediately to reduce any potential risk to our students and staff."

Ironically, it appears that the grenade is a type known as a 'pineapple' grenade, which seems appropriate as the pineapple is a symbol associated with Wolfson College thanks to one of our benefactors, Dr Lee Seng Tee.

It is not known how the pineapple grenade came to be in the President's garden.