BrookLark/Unsplash 'Like a boss'

Wolfson Entrepreneurs' Society (WES)

A programme to explore and encourage the many facets of entrepreneurship.

BrookLark/Unsplash 'Like a boss'

A short online search will reveal that there are countless competing definitions of 'entrepreneurship'. We have launched an entrepreneurs’ programme at Wolfson because we believe that at its heart, entrepreneurship expresses something of value to every member of the College – the processes of thought and action through which an original idea, a discovery or an insight is turned into a viable, successful project or business.

Many Wolfson Members are start-up veterans, and we will be inviting them to share their successes and reveal their scars. The programme seeks to engage the interest and meet the needs of all who aspire to create commercial start-ups but also to explore the related field of social entrepreneurship. Starting with a series of inspiring and informative talks, we will develop programme content together to reflect the interests of those who join in. The intention is to complement, not duplicate, what is available elsewhere in Cambridge.  

Some of our presenters have used Powerpoint presentations and have kindly shared them here:

If you would like to contribute to one of these sessions, either as a recent (however recent) start-up entrepreneur or as a 'seasoned' chair of the session, please contact the WES President or External Officer and let them know which dates would be possible for you.

For more information about the programme, or to suggest a topic or speaker, contact the WES Team.

What's on

Sex work and Borders

Sex Work and Borders: International Sex Workers' Rights Day

04/03/2021 at 19.00

To celebrate International Sex Workers' Rights Day (3 March), the Gender Hub is hosting a collaborative event featuring sex workers and activists from collectives in England, Ireland, New Zealand, Spain, and Sweden.

International Women's Day Conference

International Women's Day Conference

08/03/2021 at 18.00

A joint effort between our WCSA Women's Reps and the Interdisciplinary Research Hub on Gender, this virtual conference provides a safe and supportive environment for Wolfson College members to discuss their work and lived experiences.


Ilaria Pavan on fascism

Humanities Society - The Fascist Welfare State: Cleavages, Rupture, and Mediation

09/03/2021 at 18.00

The Humanities Society organises regular talks during term time. During Lent term 2021, all talks take place as zoom webinars, make sure to register.

Marie Battle Singer

From Mississippi to Cambridge: Marie Battle Singer, Britain's first Black psychoanalyst

10/03/2021 at 18.00

Learn about the life achievements of Marie Battle Singer, who navigated race, gender, and national identity on both sides of the Atlantic.