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Psychological & Behavioural Sciences

The Psychological & Behavioural Sciences course is designed to be very flexible, welcoming students who have an interest in social and developmental psychology as well as students who are more focused on neuroscience.

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Psychology is a diverse discipline and this is reflected in the PBS course, which covers developmental, biological, cognitive, and social psychological approaches to topics such as psychopathology, language, perception, gender, family relationships, brain mechanisms, personality and group interactions, amongst other topics. There also is the opportunity to look at these topics from the perspective of other disciplines, notably anthropology, linguistics, philosophy and sociology.

PET scan of brain

Research projects and a dissertation also enable you to study in greater depth the topics that interest you most. Typical projects involve brain and language, communication, visual cognition, memory, emotion, gender, morality, personality, autism, depression and ageing.

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Academic Requirements

There are no particular subject requirements. However, the course does have a strong scientific element, and applicants with a good A-level (or equivalent) in either Mathematics or Biology will be more competitive than those without. Psychology is not a requirement.

See also Entrance requirements for additional advice about general requirements for entry, qualifications and offers.

Further Information

The accreditation of the University's teaching by the British Psychological Society (BPS) is expected to continue with this new course. This mean that students who successfully graduate (with at least a second class honours) achieve the "graduate recognition" needed to pursue a career in psychology.

Many students pursue further study and research, and graduates are eligible for admission to professional courses in clinical, educational, forensic, or applied psychology. Many past students of psychology at Cambridge have gone on to prominent positions in psychology and related fields throughout the world.


Applicants to Wolfson College will not be required to sit a pre-interview assessment for Psychological and Behavioural Sciences.  Applicants invited for interview will be asked to sit a written assessment on the day of their interviews. This assessment will be similar in content and format to the assessment used by other colleges prior to interview. At interview, engagement with and enthusiasm for the subject will be explored by the course Director of Studies and Admissions Tutor.

The Director of Studies is Wolfson Fellow Dr Andrea Greve

Find out more about the PBS course on the department website, and the University Undergraduate Prospectus.