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Awards & Bursaries

We strive for excellence in research. At Wolfson we are proud to support the thorough academic training of our postgraduates, and to help their challenging, ground-breaking ideas with a range of research funding sources.

Wolfson Research event

Wolfson Awards for Postgraduates

Many different awards are available to help fund your studies at Wolfson, and to to apply for any award you need only complete one online application form.

The deadline to apply for the awards is 16 April, hence we are no longer accepting submissions for the academic year 2019-20.

The allocation of funds is made by the College Studentships and Bursaries Committee, and individual bursary amounts may vary from year to year as current holders graduate. Postgraduate bursaries are awarded on the basis of academic merit. Some awards are renewable, subject to successful academic progress.

Alborada Scholarships: awards vary in size, with most in the range between £5,000 and £10,000; they are usually renewable for the duration of the student's course, subject to satisfactory academic progress and continuing financial need.For students of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine.

Donald and Beryl O’May Studentship: £14,000 to cover University and College fees and maintenance. Open to postgraduates in the Arts and Social Sciences (including Law). Preference for those who have had a significant break in their studies since leaving school. Candidates must be UK or Republic of Ireland citizens.

The Mary Hesse PhD Studentship: £8000, with increases of at least £1000 possible upon renewal of the award in each of the next two years. Established in 2018 by a generous bequest from Professor Mary Hesse, a Fellow of Wolfson College from 1965-1992. It is intended to support Wolfson students pursuing a PhD in the Arts & Humanities. Awards are based on merit and financial need.

Wolfson Scholarship: up to £7,500 available per year. Open to all Wolfson students.

Medical Research Studentship: £8,000 per year. Open to PhDs in Medical Science.

Roger Needham Award: £7,500 per year. Awarded on academic merit. Open to postgraduates in Computer Science, Mathematics, Engineering, & Philosophy.

Alborada Bursaries: Bursaries of up to £3,000. Open to students of Veterinary Medicine & Medicine. Awarded on the basis of academic merit.

Burke’s Peerage Foundation Grants: Two grants of £1,000 each year to current students whose research falls within the area of genetics and heredity. Applications open in the Michaelmas Term and should include a brief research summary and an indication of how the award will be beneficial.

Professor Sir David Williams Law Fund: £3,500 per year to support one studentship.

Dr John Grantham Bursary: one award of £4,000 each year to fund student support in any form.

Fairleigh S. Dickinson, Jr. Scholarship: one award of £2,500 to fund student support in any form.

Guan Ruijun Memorial Bursary: £1,000 to support one Chinese student on a one-year postgraduate course. Preference for Peking University graduates.

His Excellency Dr Mahfouz bin Mahfouz Scholarship Fund: up to £10,000 available each year. Open to Home PhD students.

Jack King Bursary: £2,500 per year. Open to Home PhD students in the Arts and Humanities who have previously studied for at least three years at a British university.

Joseph Petty Bursary Fund: £600 available per year. Open to postgraduate students in Criminology or subjects related to Metallurgy.

Peter and Angela Lucas Bursary: one award of £400. Open to postgraduates in Medieval English Studies.

President’s Scholarship: one award of £5,000 for academic merit. Open to postgraduate students, with preference for Arts & Humanities.

Senior Members’ 50th Anniversary Fund: £1,800 available, open to students in any discipline who have undertaken their MPhil at Wolfson and are progressing to a PhD.

Matched funding

Wolfson also takes part in the following matched-funding schemes and other awards (please note that applications to these are not managed by the College):

Arts and Humanities Research Council Scholarship: Wolfson supports at present one or two students each year with £11,000 per year for three years.

Newton MPhil Awards: Wolfson contributes £12,000 for Home/EU students.

University Vice-Chancellor’s Awards: Wolfson contributes up to £10,000 per year per student. Open to Home/EU students.

Wolfson OCS Kenya Scholarship: up to £30,000 to cover University and College fees and stipend. Open to citizens of Kenya on one-year postgraduate course. Offered in conjunction with Oxford and Cambridge Society of Kenya and Cambridge Trusts.