David Goode Praelector

Mr David Goode


David Goode is the Praelector of Wolfson College. Part of his role is to matriculate all new members of the College. Matriculation is the traditional formal registration of students, marking their becoming members of the University and the College. The other part of his role is to present students for their degrees in a colourful and joyful ceremony in the Senate-House.

David Goode Praelector

Following the successful completion of the student's course of study, it is the Praelector's responsibility on behalf of the College to present the student in the University Senate House for admission to their degree.David’s interests are in the efficient and effective provision, support, and delivery of IT-enabled services in the University of Cambridge’s School of Arts and Humanities.

Having previously worked in a number of diverse roles, David started work in the University as Computer Officer in the Faculty of Divinity in 2002, where his role has evolved into School IT Institution Manager. He splits his time between the Faculty and the School of Arts and Humanities Information Services (SAHIS) team, providing both practical provision, support, and delivery of IT-enabled services in the Faculty of Divinity, and strategic planning and thinking more widely in the School.

David is also interested in University governance, and has served several times on the University’s Board of Scrutiny, and was Secretary of the Board in 2017-2018, and Chair of the Board in 2018-2019.

He was Wolfson’s nomination as Proctor of the University, serving as Junior Pro-Proctor in 2014-2015, Senior Proctor in 2015-2016, Deputy Senior Proctor, and Acting (and, as it turns out, the last ever) Motor Proctor, in 2016-2017.

In January 2018 he became Wolfson’s Deputy Praelector, and Praelector from 1 October 2019.

David also serves on Wolfson’s IT Strategy Committee, IT Operations Group, and House and Student Events Committee.

Since 2011, David has been a Fellow of the Royal Society of the Arts, an organisation born of the 18th century Age of Enlightenment, and which aims to enrich society through ideas and action, and deliver 21st century Enlightenment.