Dr Chandrima Ganguly

Henslow Fellowship

The Henslow Fellowship is a three-year, stipendiary position generously supported by the Cambridge Philosophical Society.

Dr Chandrima Ganguly

Henslow Fellowship Competition 2023

The Cambridge Philosophical Society Henslow Fellowship is designed to promote research in all branches of science; Natural Sciences (Biological and Physical), Engineering, Mathematics, Computer Science and Clinical Sciences. The holder of the Henslow Fellowship is expected to pursue full-time research based in a Cambridge department or associated institution and to contribute to the life of the College’s academic community as a member of the Governing Body of Wolfson College.

The Fellowship is intended to support those at an early stage in their academic career, and will normally be awarded to a candidate who has recently completed a PhD, or be close to completing by the start date. The appointment is for three years, non-renewable, with up to one-year intermission.

Intending candidates should submit a fully completed application using the forms below; detailed instructions are included in the 'Further particulars' document. All applications and references must be submitted as email attachments. Postal applications will not be accepted.

The closing date for all applications is midday Monday 3 October 2022.

Current Henslow Fellow - Dr Chandrima Ganguly

Appointed in October 2019, Dr Chandrima Ganguly is Wolfson College's current Cambridge Philosophical Society Henslow Fellow. She is a cosmologist interested in testing early universe models and using cosmology to constrain particle physics and theories of gravity. She is passionate about gender justice advocacy and does so through various projects and initiatives.

"My research concerns the very early Universe and the question of the Big Bang and whether it actually happened. One of my friends once called me a 'space archaeologist' and I think I have used that phrase to describe my work in cosmology ever since."

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