Guide to Exams 2021-22

Here you'll find useful information about the examination period in 2021-22, from candidate numbers and ECFs to quiet study spaces in College and where to find more information.  

Where do I find information about examinations?

The comprehensive guide to exams can be found here. Most, if not all queries are dealt with in this guide. Please take time read it carefully. This page will be constantly updated by Student Registry. You can also find maps to your exam sites here

Where in college can I print?

Please see here for printing facilities in college.


What is plagiarism?

Students are expected to familiarise themselves on University's definition of plagiarism and the referencing and academic practice guidance issued by their Faculty/Department. Plagiarism is a serious issue and can result in disciplinary charges. 

Where do I look for my exam timetable?

You can find timetable here. You can also find your timetable via CamSIS self-service – click on ‘Examination timetable’ in self-service – note this is only available for the main exams in the Easter term. 

Where can I find my candidate number?

You can find your blind grading number by logging into CamSIS self-service and it is with your timetable information, by paper.

Where can I find a quiet study space in College?

It is crucial that you familiarise yourself with exam venues. Students have a variety of different forms of examinations. These might include a combination of coursework submissions, online exams, ProctorExam (remote invigilation), in-person examinations etc. The myriad of exam assessments mean that you need to check the timetable first to decide the location of your exams. For students residing in college, the College has allocated study spaces which might be used to for either silent study or to sit online exams. 

From 19 April to 17 June 2022, the Syndicate Rooms in the Chancellor’s Centre are available for booking. In order to book a time slot in the allocated space, please email Ms Deborah Fitz-Gibbon (Conference Coordinator) with the details of date and times, and a desk will be allocated for your use. The Library will also have quiet spaces for study or take online exams. 

What is an ECF and how do I get one?

ECF (Exam Confirmation Form), usually printed in on a yellow paper, will be issued only for those taking in-person exams. You can also check your exam location on this personalised timetable. However, it is important to note that your EAA (Examination Access Arrangements) will NOT be specified on the ECF. Ms Rajashree Dhanaraj (Tutorial Manager) would write to you separately with information regarding your approved Exam Access Arrangements. ECFs will be sent to your pigeonholes. 

What items must I take to my exams?

Students must bring their University Card. In addition, please take with you your stationery in a clear case, non-carbonated drink in a small screw-top bottle, watch (not a smart watch), wallet and the Exam Confirmation Form. 

What do I do if things go wrong?

It is important to remember that there are several mitigating measures available for students facing difficult circumstances. The sooner we are able to record the event, the better we are able to offer support. So, email immediately and cc your Tutor, explaining your situation. 

There are various things we can do to help you. Note the following:

What other support does the College offer?

The College has provided earplugs in dispensers at these locations:

  • On the counter at the Café;
  • At the Porters' Lodge;
  • Outside Lee Room in Jack King Building.

Posters which read ‘Silence! Exams in progress’ are available from Porters for your use. Do attach them to outward-facing windows and on your door, so your friends and neighbours will know you are not to be disturbed.

Our IT Department are available to answer any questions regarding your electronic equipment if you so wish to have them checked out before you start your exams. Please make an appointment by emailing them. 

Whom do I contact for an exam emergency?

Email and copy your Tutor and your Director of Studies. The Tutorial Manager will get in touch with you as soon as possible. Information received as soon as the event has taken place would lead to mitigation action taken immediately. 

Useful links

You can find information on existing mitigation measures on the University's Mitigation page

The University's full Guide to Examinations 2022 is available here.  

You can find class list publication dates and exam timetables on the University's All students timetable page.

And check out the Exam Support page for information on the support available to students. 

A link to the guidance offered by Student Advice Service is here.  You might find the section on exams useful. 

Please email the Tutorial Office Manager if you have any questions with exams.  




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