Washing machines/laundry


You’ll find the College laundry in a low outbuilding by the back gates.

Washing machines/laundry

The laundry is open 24 hours a day and has eight washing machines and eight dryers. The cost is £1.90 for a standard wash and £1.30 for 50 minutes of drying time.

There are several ways to pay to use the laundry – via a Laundry App or by purchasing a Laundryserv card (the Laundryserv card is considered the most reliable). To use the Laundry App follow the instructions on the posters in the laundry. To buy a Laundryserv card, use the machine in the Porters’ Lodge. If you have issues with the machines, please ring Circuit Laundry's phone number on display in the facilities. They can remotely reboot the machines as well as credit money back to your account.

If Circuit Laundry cannot resolve your issues, please contact the Domestic Bursar.