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University Computer Accounts

All students are assigned an account for computing facilities by the University InformationServices (UIS), and these remain active as long as your course is in progress.

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A University computer account provides you with:

  • a password to authenticate you as a member of the University, known as your Raven password
  • a Cambridge email address (eg – accessed with your Raven password
  • access to software and secure file space on the University’s MCS computers

Your Cambridge University email address starts with your CRSID, a combination of your initials and some numbers eg abc123. Your CRSID is used as your login name for all University computer systems, and forms the first part of your Cambridge email address, eg

This email address is used for all official correspondence from the College, your Department/Faculty and elsewhere in the University. You may forward your mail to another address if you prefer, but you must ensure that you also receive and read your CRSID email on a regular basis.

Activating your University computer account and collecting your password

Messages will be sent to your @cam email address as soon as you arrive, and you will need to access secure websites via Raven straight away, so activate your University computer account before arriving at Wolfson or as soon as possible after your arrival.

This can be done in two ways:

1) From the College Computer Room

Log in to a computer with the username signup (no password required)

2) Online once you have connected to the College Network

To complete the registration, enter your surname, date of birth and admission/registration code (found on your formal admission letter).

You will then be supplied with:

  • your CRSID
  • your Raven password

If you need to change your Raven password visit the UIS Password Management page

Remember that passwords should be kept safe and secure at all times, and should not be shared with anyone, whether inside the University or outside.